Azir and Xerath Pre-Ascended SKINS

I was thinking yesterday, that kassadin has its own pretty nice(for me) pre-void skin. It also kinda shows how was he looking before being the one with the void. I mean it would be really cool if azir and xerath had their own (maybe) legendaries that shows them before the ascension,nice splash art like they were friends before, standing by backs to each other OR splash where they are both receiving their power like void is consuming kassadin. Xerath would move on his own (not just flying around) and cast just some maybe more fancy magic (ascension gives this blue coloured power? so with the skin he would cast purple for example). Ult would be different ofc,casting off his hands maybe. Azir would be in some emperor armor (different that he got at the ascension,maybe bronze,older gold or just different), have his soldiers alive (didnt figure out how would people like to see and to be more realistic). He would be with his long hair and that face from [the youtube video]( where he seems pretty cool. If you wondering that - but azir cannot dash since he hasnt his ascended powers, so its unrealistic - kassadin teleports, has its blade and casts Q. ALSO i appreciate every comment or idea you have to this topic. Thanks for responds
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