@Riot dev team, differentiate Heal and Barrier

Literally no one on the planet is going to read this, but I might get lucky and have 1 view, so here goes: I can't help but notice both summoner spells are in the game, and though Barrier has a different niche use (against Grievous Wounds-type effects, for example), no matter how you balance it, it will always feel like a worse heal. Just to keep this short and simple, instead of having it be stronger than heal in difficult-to-appreciate ways (such as lower cd, better at full health, better vs single target damage, raw numbers, etc), **it would be interesting if Barrier, while active, caused (the first?) enemy projectile(s) to dissipate on contact with the champion using Barrier while it's active** (similar to Braum's shield). Whatever's more balanced. That is all.
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