Aphelios and how he is mathematically/phsyically unplayable

Straight to the point - Aphelios is not playable metaphysically. We can mathematically calculate the number of combinations he may have to offer and by my calculations (which may be wrong, please re correct if it is), this champion is too complex for a human being to barely understand. Let me explain: There are 4 abilities that differentiate depending on his off-hand. Meaning that there are 4 * 5-1 times the amount of unique combinations of main hands and off-hands - which for apes, equals 16 different combos JUST FOR Q. Taking into account, the other 11 abilities (I'm counting his W since it changes his play style and combo patterns drastically) we get a grand total of 27 UNIQUE ability sub-sets within each round! AND THAT'S NOT JUST IT. What about combinations with your ult? In which case you have to take into account, timing, order of skill usage and best possible-outcome achievable in that predicted combo you may have in mind ( And here a majority of the ranked brackets fall under platinum +, correct me if im wrong though) What will happen when you have to time and co-ordinate between each part of your arsenal at times when you need to switch from gun to a desirable gun? Oh wait you cant, because a) IT CHANGES DEPENDING ON FIRST WEAPON CHOSEN b) YOU METAPHYSICALLY DONT HAVE THE REACTION TIME TO DO SO! Adding a champion with a high-skill floor and an EVEN higher skill-ceiling isnt "gameplay" when only <1 percentile of LoL players can touch this champion (Taking about pros, since apparently they have no "excuse" if a champion is too "difficult"). You already have to be thinking so many things just from playing lane, and playing Aphelios isnt going to help when he has a BEYOND - AND I MEAN INCREDIBLY BROKEN ASF KIT that honestly in my opinion, should never have even been thought of. (ALSO MEANT TO PUT THIS IS GAMEPLAY MB PLEASE RE-POST THERE TY)
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