Araktus the ender of Galaxies ( New champ idea)

I have made two very bad sketches of it. So i feel the need to explain what you will see. ** Appearance: ** Araktus is a this dark sphere you see in the first image, these round colorful things around it are planets. It steals some planets and make them circle around them in order to protect it self. So it wont have a regular buddy which makes sense since it is superior to all life forms. On the second image Araktus is in space on a random solar system trying to devour it. Araktus is the orange circle, he gains this form when using his ultimate move. You can read below for details. **Spells:** Q : Araktus uses the power of the thousand suns he has devoured to deal 50/60/80/85 burning magic damage (line) to the enemies, W: uses the planets surrounding him to take 5/10/15/20% less damage E : uses the cold of the void of the universe and freezes anyone close to him for 2 sec, dealing 40/50/55/65 damage R: when using his ultimate Araktus becomes a black hole. While his R is active it can not move unless it stops, it creates a dense gravity field. Any spell cast to it will be absorbed even light (Lux R). Additionally enemy minions close to it will be sucked by his gravity, causing their demise, and champion in his R range will be dragged close to it. This way it can interrupt some ultimate moves and he will be able to use his E more efficiently. ( ( PS: i know the sketches suck please don't comment on that, also the numbers of damage can be changed, and finally i would appreciate any feedback

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