[Champion Suggestion] [CCOS Entry] Lorelei, the Blade of Hope

Here's another champion suggestion by me, only this time it's more about killing and assassinating your enemies. The suggestion is in a PDF form (visible through Google Docs), as working in Word allows for more editing options. I won't go into detail in this post, cause everything is in the file. Hope you like it ^^. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1egWtih1dyyPxhbaS2KEhgjusuRWDdDHk/view?usp=sharing Any suggestions are welcome! > #CCOS Edit ##Overview Lorelei is a melee assassin who excels at quickly eradicating her opponents and getting away safely. Armed with dangerous tools and tactics, Lorelei has a lot to bring to the table, ensuring an immersive and fun experience. One thing that distinguishes Lorelei from other assassins is her ability to become increasingly stronger against targets she’s continuously attacking, building up her strength and endurance to ensure a safe kill. She’s using her spirit blades and curses to weaken her enemies, allowing for a quick and deadly approach. And while her dexterity and strength are a lethal combo, she’s carrying a soft heart, searching for her long lost partner. In hopes of seeing him again, she’s ready to eliminate anyone who dares to deter her from her main path. ##Abilities **Passive] Selective Targeting** Damaging the same target builds up Lorelei’s combo rate. Certain abilities can contribute to that as well. Basic attacks and her abilities (except for certain ones) remove combo points from all enemy champions, besides the one Lorelei is targeting. Combo points last for 4 seconds. ▪ 3 combo – Lorelei dodges the next basic attack or takes** 20-37%** reduced damage from the first ability that hits her. ▪ 5 combo – Lorelei’s next basic attack deals bonus magic damage equal to **3-8%** of her target’s max. Health (_+1% every 70 AP_). ▪ 7 combo – Lorelei's next basic attack heals her, restoring 20 (+2 per level)(0.2 AP) Health Points, increased by 20% (+1% per level) for every **curse** applied. > All buffs last for 3 seconds max. (unless stated otherwise) --------------- **Q] Destructive Pulse / Dancing Blades** Throws a pulse of energy which flies towards the target location, dealing **60/90/120/150/180** (_+65% AP_) magic damage to all enemies it passes through and **applying one combo point**. Lorelei can reactive this ability to detonate the orb, transforming it into two blades that rotate and slash through all enemies in the area, dealing **3/6/9/12/15** (_+10% AP_) magical damage every 0.166 seconds. The blades spin for 2 seconds, slow all enemies caught by **20/23/26/29/32%** for 1.25 seconds and generate **one combo point**. **Maimed** targets are snared instead of slowed. > * Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds > * Mana cost: 80 > * Range: 850 / AoE: similar to Karma’s Q / Slashing AoE: 300 > * This ability won’t remove combo points --------------- **W] Curse of Attrition** Sends a spectral image of her blade forward after a short delay, briefly interrupting all enemy champions hit and **maiming** them. **Maimed** targets suffer from an HP penalty whenever they use their basic attack or ability, losing **30/50/70/90/110** (_+20% AP_) HP per use (max. 3 times). Lasts for 5 seconds and does not remove combo points. > * Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds > * Mana cost: 55/60/65/70/75 > * Range: 825 --------------- **E] Blinking Dread** Lorelei targets an enemy unit or a rune and quickly dashes to the side opposite of where she’s facing, **applying one combo point**. Her next basic attack against an enemy champion will curse them, applying **Deterioration** equal to **5/8/11/14/17%** (_+1% every 80 AP_) of their max. Health for 2 seconds. **Deteriorated** Health cannot be healed or shielded. If Dancing Blades snare an enemy champion, Lorelei can activate this ability to quickly dash behind them, generating **one combo point**, applying the curse immediately and reducing this ability’s cooldown by 50%. > * Cooldown: 10 seconds > * Mana cost: 50 > * Range: 175 / Dash range: 600 / Curse on basic attack duration: 3 seconds > * Removes combo points --------------- **R] Femme Fatal** Marks the ground with a rune that takes 0.75 seconds to activate. Stepping on the rune or hitting it with Destructive Pulse/Dancing Blades triggers it, silencing all enemies in the area for 1 second, camouflaging Lorelei for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds and reducing Selective Targeting’s cooldown by 1/2/3 seconds. Up to two runes can be stored at a time. **Applies one combo point**. > * Cooldown: 2/2/2 seconds before each cast (not affected by Cooldown Reduction) > * Casting time: 0.15 seconds / Recharge time: 40/35/30 Rune duration: 6 seconds > * Mana cost: 60 > * Range: 600 / Rune AoE: 150 / Effect AoE: 350 --------------- ##Lore _Walk a mile in my shoes, and you will feel the thorns piercing through your every step. I do not fear them; I embrace them, for they are reminders of what it means to suffer, but move nonetheless. My fate has already been decided. It has been sealed in stone. I can’t cast off my shackles; not until I find what they’ve taken away from me. They think I’m weak, but I would conquer a raging ocean; and I would stop a beating heart; just to see him smile one more time._ Deep in the dark, somber woods of Demacia, far away from any form of safety and comfort, where one wrong step could be your final whiff of air, stood a beacon of hope. Where light fears to trudge, they go; where darkness enshrouds the weak, they move forward. They are inseparable, they are one. Commissioned by the Royal Guard of Demacia, they took on a mission to venture off the beaten path and seek the hidden barrier within one the most dreadful places. The furtive barrier was guarding a precious scroll with highly sensitive information about a forbidden spell that could bring the dead back to life. It is believed that the scroll was created and placed there by a woman originating from the Shadow Isles, but that’s as far as that speculation goes. No one knows how and why the scroll was created, or by whom for that matter, but one thing is certain – letting it fall into the wrong hands could spark an unimaginable devastation and corruption of purity and serenity. Many tried to lay their hands on it, but no one returned. That’s why Lorelei and her husband Jaqton, highly skilled and renowned warriors, were sent on a mission of this severity to break the barrier, bring the scroll back to Demacia, and eradicate it. The forest was dark, cold and unrelenting, surely a death trap for the weak of mind and spirit. They had been scouring the forest for days, desperately trying to locate their target and eliminate any threats along the way. But the forest was silent; and it kept getting quieter with each passing moment. Cold breeze gliding across their skin, everlasting shroud of darkness coating their path, and the putrid smell of evil following their every step; but not a sound to be heard. Despite their odds, they remained adamant, and their efforts finally paid off. A temple overgrown by plants and covered in shadows was stood right in front of them. Much to their surprise, there was no barrier guarding this place, but that didn’t stop them from exploring what seemed like the place they were after. Without hesitation, they ventured inside, erring on the side of caution as their feet guided them down the stairs. Every step they took made the surroundings even darker and colder, rendering them unable to see clearly. Hesitant to use their own light source, so as to avoid being conspicuous, they relied on their senses and moved down the staircase, holding their hands and silently chanting words of protection. Even the bravest and strongest ones shiver at the sight of nothingness - when every part of your body is encapsulated in darkness. At last, they reached a corridor with nothing but a door at the end. Small rays of light were fighting their way out of the small opening at the bottom part of the door, trying to escape and dive into the unknown. The smell of stale and musty breeze could be felt wafting through the cracks, stone crackling beneath their feet. They marched onward, as if being pulled by their determination, and opened the mildewy door. They found what they had been looking for; the scroll was placed on something that resembled an altar, illuminated by nothing but three dimmed sources of light. Jacqton ordered Lorelei to stay behind and guard the entrance. Lorelei objected to that at first, as she didn’t want to let go of him due to how dangerous the situation was. He firmly grasped her hand and kissed her, whispering “It’s gonna be alright”, before letting go. Cold air passed between her fingers, and she took a couple steps back, prepared to guard her husband in case of emergency. Jacqton slowly approached the scroll and extended his shaking arm towards it. The moment he grabbed it, he was pushed away by an unknown force as a mysterious being started forming in front of him. It was huge, with his arms wide open, emanating the most horrid cacophony of screams and suffering. It shoved its hand inside Jacqton’s body and pulled his spirit out, cutting it with an axe. It snuffed out the flames of life inside him, turning him into living stone. His body fell to the ground, shattering into tiny pieces, right before Lorelei’s eyes. The temple started collapsing, with Lorelei completely petrified at the sight of her husband getting killed and turned into dust. The creature then started shouting and going towards her, completely obliterating everything in its path. She rose her spectral blade and cast it forward, but was soon met with a giant blast that pushed her away, breaking the door as her body flew backwards. Her left arm broke during the impact and she screamed in agony while lifting herself off the ground. With the creature rushing towards her, she had no other choice but to start running up the endless stairs. Her tears were rolling down her face, blood marking the lifeless temple. Her legs were numb, but she couldn’t stop running. Just as she reached the exit, the temple exploded, creating a giant blast and sending Lorelei flying across the air. She landed on coarse, cold ground, facing the sky and completely unresponsive. She watched the Moon rise above her, tears cascading down her face, sparkling brighter and brighter as the night grew, before finally closing her eyes and surrendering to the darkness. She woke up the next day with a letter in her broken arm. Despite the pain, she opened it up and read it. It said: “_Do not weep, my dear, for I did not die; I am still here. Keep looking and I will meet you where we’re destined to be_.” She started crying, both happy and sad at the same time, because she knew that was his handwriting. The ink smeared a little bit as her tears touched the gentle piece of paper, and she wrapped it up carefully and placed it inside her pocket. Her lips opened up and uttered a sound, softly whispering “_We’re stuck in this world; there’s no cure for that... but I am not leaving it without you_.” She got up on her feet and started limping home. --------------- > ##CHANGES _v. 1_ > > **Passive] Selective Targeting** > * 5 combo – damage reduced from 5-11% to 3-8% > * 5 combo – now gains 1% every 70 AP instead of 80 AP > > **Q] Dancing Blades** > * damage reduced from 4/7/10/13/16 every 0.166 seconds to 3/6/9/12/15 > > **E] Blinking Dread** > * reworked – no longer grants attack speed upon landing; instead, applies Deterioration > * first cast is no longer a blink, but a dash > > **R] Femme Fatale** > * stealth duration increased from 1 second to 2 seconds > * passive’s cooldown reduction now scales with levels, instead of being 3 seconds at all levels > * recharge time reduced at earlier ranks from 50/40/30 to 40/35/30 _v. 2 _ > **Q] Destructive Pulse ** > * base damage reduced from 60/100/140/180/220 to 60/90/120/150/180 > * AP ratio increased from 50% to 65% > > **R] Femme Fatale** > > * stealth duration reduced at lower ranks - 1.5/1.75/2 seconds, instead of being 2 at all ranks v.3 > **Passive] Selective Targeting ** > * 7 combos no longer grant movement speed, but instead heal Lorelei ######Some other reviews: [1](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/g8EiEUBz-champion-ammonia-the-woken-curse-concept?comment=00000001000000000000) | [2](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/1qzefP2c-champion-spotlight-concept-leollu-the-witch-doctoress-of-the-wild-video?comment=0000)
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