Xin Zhao: Rework Adjustment Proposal

First off, this post is intended for those who know what the changes were so I&#039;m not going to go over them if it has no utility in forwarding my points. Second, I&#039;d like to say I agree with most of the changes in the recent Xin Zhao rework. Overall I believe it was a good concept; however, there are a number of places with room for improvement. **note:** I use &quot;-&quot; for impressions and &quot;+&quot; for proposed changes. **Passive: Determination** - Great change, it makes sense. + No change needed. **[Q] Three Talon Strike** - Feels like the new attack animation for this skill is less responsive than a simple auto, which makes it less satisfying for resetting auto attacks and more difficult to land... Maybe it isn&#039;t, but him spinning his spear around feels like it takes forever. + I can&#039;t make a proposed change for this because I&#039;m not sure if the auto is in fact less responsive. **[W] Wind Becomes Lightning** <------ Main Change -------- - It might make sense for someone with a spear to wave it around, but in practice it is very dissatisfying to play. I doesn&#039;t feel like it does much damage and you have to stand still to perform it. This skill needs something more to feel like it belongs. + Make this skill count towards the knock up on Xin Zhao&#039;s [Q] Three Talon Strike! If the third strike would occur on the arc or line part then all enemies hit by that part would be effected by the knock up. (reduce the duration, remove the slow, and/or increase the cool down for balancing) This would make a huge difference in depth of game play, planning, player skill, and kit cohesion for Xin Zhao. + Allow attack speed to increase the speed at which this skill is performed, if it doesn't already. + I also think it would be interesting if the initial arc was smaller in radius but a full 360 degrees. Really any change that would differentiate it further from a certain similar skill in the game while making it feel more like a Xin Zhao move would be great. + Another note, if we assume the previously mentioned changes for [W], is that you wouldn't get the increased damage from the [Q] when combined with the [W]. This would also help balancing, and I.M.O. make sense. **[E] Audacious Charge** - Feels the same to play, I think this is good, it was always a pleasing skill. - I don&#039;t like the attack speed buff being moved to this skill. The skill now: deals good damage, gap closes, slows, and gives attack speed. That feels like a bit much for one skill. + Not certain where I would put this attack speed, maybe I&#039;d just remove it. + If not removed it could be moved back to the [W], increasing attack speed for 3-4 seconds after the skill ends, this would further increase the depth of play for that skill. Do you open with it to get the attack speed or wait to use it for the potential skill shot A.O.E. knock up? **[R] Crescent Guard** - Overall good changes, it feels the same to play and is satisfying to toss people around. - The skill is also versatile and requires good decision making to get the most out of it. - I don&#039;t think immunity is particularly great for the game; however, in this case there is at least some counter play (getting close). + No change needed. **Let me know what you think, GLHF!** *shiftyshadow*
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