Arcade Core Xerath, Glitched Boss Mordekaiser and Arcade Master Udyr

Would like to present these arcade skin concepts, just as text as my drawing skills leave a lot to be desired. **Arcade Core Xerath** An unknown entity of myths, said to be the root of all videogames. With a pixelated armor and a body overflowing with codes both ancient and recently made, this almighty being is supposed to be the key to dominating the whole Arcade World. Always part of legends among the best arcade players, his existence has finally been confirmed after Veigar started to check everywhere looking for hints of Xerath's location. **Glitched Boss Mordekaiser** Formerly the most cruel and villanous boss of all, not even his legendary strenght, able to keep it unbeatable to all but the best player, could help him when one of his minibosses empowered by the code itself managed to banish him, to where the Thrash Data is sent and deleted. Mordekaiser refused to disappear, he recomposed himself from 0s and 1s, and it has come back to delete Veigar and recover his former power by integrating the Arcade Core. Mordekaiser was such a hard boss that many books were written as walkthroughs just to know how to get close to defeat him, but since he became a glitched unit with an ever-spasming pixelated armor and oozing bug energy, only one book remains: "The Great Book of Mordekaiser's Glitches". **Master Arcade Udyr** A veteran arcade player, known for being the only player to ever defeat the mighty Mordekaiser before this one disappeared. His incredible play style, being able to switch between total offense, total defense, speedrunning or just bursting down everything on the run granted him the title of "Master of Arcades"
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