Who would you like to see in next Star Guerdian team if Riot make more?

I know it's quite early to discuss but hear me out. Jinx team was released in October 2016 and Ahri's September 2017, so maybe this yer around that months we will get 3rd team? Considering how much time 5 skins take to make I think now is the time to share some candidates. {{champion:142}} I think Zoe will 80% get a SG skin, there is not much to say about her. She fits so much the theme in my opinion that Riot won't waste such opportunity. She is orange-purple and green-blue in her skins, so maybe exepriment with a first yellow SG member? {{champion:133}} I think Quinn is in need of a fantasy, colorfull skin. She has Valor that could either be her familiar or group's mascot. She could have a shooting star in her R. I even found a nice SG funmade concept of her in a fitting color pallete - violet. She could even be a group leader. http://www.lol-wallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Star-Guardian-Janna-Sona-Fiora-Quinn-Akali-Shyvana-by-CLeRu087-HD-Wallpaper-Fan-Art-Artwork-League-of-Legends-lol.jpg {{champion:114}} I don't see why all SG should be ranger, Fiora could be a first melee Star Guardian. In my opinion red would suit her the most {{champion:163}} Taliyah mains are waitning for a new skin for some time now. Why not include her in a SG team? Some of you may remember the Emerald Taliyah concept and I think green is really nice color for her. {{champion:43}} /{{champion:37}} Both could be a group's support, but I think Karma would fit here better. She could be a team mentor, you know the wise and calm one, like Janna in first SG team. A nice turquoise palette might look nice on her, but her deafult particles are in that color, so maybe someone could choose a better color? HONORABLE MENTIONS {{champion:22}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} I think most of these champions were not yet included in a cinematic either, so showing some love to them would be great. Remember they don't have such small playerbase so a lot of players would appreciate it.
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