Riot's hidden Gold mine - Untapped

Everyone knows a good skinline needs (/sarcasm) a healthy dose of eGirls to make money, but surely a Basketball skinline could never sell e-girl skins right? Maybe that's why Riot isn't making any Dunkmaster skins. BUT HAVE NO FEAR! March Madness is months away and Riot, I present to you a list of 12 champions to make a complete Basketball team, and I guarantee you'll make ridiculous revenue off of these champs. I, personally, would buy almost half of these skins. {{champion:266}} Pretty much Aatrox in a basketball uniform; perhaps the sword can be replaced with a hoop, but his Q sweetspots could definitely have a basketball VGX. Mostly because his new animations are very "Dunk"-ish and aggressive. 1820 RP {{champion:122}} Needs not said, already exists of course. {{champion:119}} Needs more skins to match his brother! Harder to, no pun intended, *execute* on the thematic though. 975 RP? Prestige variant. {{champion:53}} Basically just Goalkeeper Blitzcrank 2.0, but dribbling constantly. Possible Legendary skin? 975 - 1820 RP {{champion:3}} ULT IS A GIANT BASKETBALL HOOP, Q IS A DRIBBING BASKTBALL THAT DEALS DAMAGE ON EACH 'Bounce'! MAKE IT HAPPEN - 1350 RP {{champion:59}} Come on, you almost made this one. Released a Jarvan skin and a Dunkmaster Skin, but not the same one. How did you miss that? 1820 RP, or 1350 if you want to be cheaper. {{champion:126}} - a bit of a stretch like Blitzcrank, mostly focused on Hammer form. 975 RP, new recall but no new VFX or animations. Prestige Variant. {{champion:11}} Unique champion in the bunch, as his title is just "Get Dunked" Master Yi. Honestly, this might even be an Ultimate skin. Id pay 3250 RP for a Dunk Master Yi skin. Alpha Strike dribbles a ball AS HES DASHING AROUND FASTER THAN THE EYE CAN SEE just to show off how fast and how skilled this gangsta is. {{champion:254}} **GEEEEEEET *DUNKED!!*** 1350 RP. R Tether resembles a basketball court somehow. Prestige Variant {{champion:420}} Carries a basketball. Doesnt dribble as she travels, but absolutely dunks on fools. 1350 RP, could be 975 but unfortunately needs new passive particles forcing the pricepoint up. {{champion:246}} Carries a basketball hoop. Dunks on bois. 1350 RP {{champion:92}} Does a hop and dunks on bois, 1820 RP {{champion:134}} Dribbles up to 8 basketballs simultaneously. Also, lands over four 3 point shots at the same time. Possibly the best Basketball player in the universe ... just don't imply she's cheating. ~~She's totally cheating.~~ 1820 RP. Prestige variant {{champion:115}} **KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!** - 2800 RP Ultimate Skin. Multiple team jerseys, total overhaul on the model, VFX, SFX, and voiceover but animations kept in tact. C'mon Riot you have such potential for the Dunkmaster skinline and you wasted it ... on ... Ivern. Redeem yourselves and generate a new fortune. Make these Dunkmasters and Mistresses, it's enough to last 3-4 years and make a yearly series of these badass boasty skins, guaranteeing huge profits every March {{sticker:sg-syndra}} GET **DUNKED!!!**
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