Bring back the Traditional Trundle skin

Hello, as a fellow league player I do quite enjoy league in all of its glory. I enjoy the champions, game design, and everything league has to offer us. However, during past games where I jungled with Trundle on free rotation, I really enjoyed this champion's play-style. I thought his design was unique; a troll of dirt, lord of the flies, king of the rats, all things dirty and you best hope not behind you. I thought he was a great champion and that was the last I saw him in all of his dirty glory before the update came. Trundle's champion design was changed and I have to admit, looked pretty good. I enjoyed the fact that Trundle now looked more intimidating (had you not known how dangerous Trundle was before the update) than before. He also stayed true to his lore. However, now my heart grows heavy with nostalgia longing for the old Trundle, seeing him once more. I very much so enjoyed the fact that summoners who owned Trundle before the update were given the traditional skin as a bonus for staying true to the messy troll to some extent. Had I saved enough, this would have also been my benefit. Now, I own Trundle. I had saved enough to purchase Trundle, but I was another step away to feeling my nostalgia flourish in the legacy of the dirt troll. Now, Trundle's traditional skin has been taken off the market place. Feels like it was a day ago when I would stare at the Traditional Trundle skin, making it my goal. Like a forlorn lover, I call desperately for its return. If they have kept the Traditonal Lee Sin skin on the market place, why not the Traditional Trundle skin?
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