Designing a champion - Braum's Momma!

Hi everyone!! I'm in the process of designing this old granny as a badass toplane fighter who would be an answer to adcs there. Concept art is my speciality, so join me on my journey of bringing her visuals to life! Background: She's 170 years old and throws icebergs! Also one of the last people who can *create* True Ice. Perhaps she's a shepherd, and while she's a follower of Lissandra, her son doesn't agree with her on this and so Braum left on a journey to find his own path. They're still on great terms! I begin with initial sketches, to explore the feel and general personality: []( []( []( Here's an idea for an ability, where she grows True Ice then flings it. The first target hit gets Crippled. []( I'd love to hear your suggestions and ideas for abilities, as they can serve as inspiration for the visuals. I will be updating this thread as the art progresses.
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