SKIN CONCEPT: Universal Taric

since Taric is going to get a rework soon, i thought it would be a cool idea for to get some new skins. the first thought was to just give him an 80's style jem themed skin. but then i remembered one of the most popular cartoons right now is Steven universe and it has even more to do with fabulous gems. so why not jump on the moment and give taric a Steven universe themed skin. name comes from the shows name, can't just call him crystal gem taric for legal reasons. so universal makes sense bring in the title and the fact the gems are from space. the basic look would resemble the crystal gems from the show. taric loses the bulky and shards of gems on his hammer, in favor of a color complment body suit and more refined hammer. the color scheme would also be similar to that used in steven universe. mainly all the crystal gems have a few defining colors and patterns. such as pearl having almost all white and light blue colors, peridot having green and yellow colors, lapis being all blues, amethyst being purples, and jasper being yellows and oranges. riot could also give taric some new quotes and animations to fit the theme as well. backing animation could involve taric standing on a warp pad and telepoting back to base. overall i think this skin makes sense with tarics character. the crystal gems are protectors of the earth, taric also is a protector. he could even get a joke where he mentions there are evil versions of him invading. this skin would be more of a serious skin than a jem skin. not to say to it would not be the most outrageous thing ever to see taric with 80's hair and make up. but i feel since the Steven universe fanbase is large and there have been some requests to have taric at least reference the show, it'd just make sense to go all the way with it. the skin could work as a standalone full redone skin, along the lines of pulsefire ezreal, spirit guard udyr, and dj sona. give taric full new animations, quotes, everything. or riot could make it a smaller scale and release it when the new urf skins come out in spring. say what you think in the commments and try to spread the word, if you like it feel free to draw it up. thank you all for reading. taric right now is outrageous, when his rework launches he will be TRULY outrageous, but with this skin. He will be TRULY TRULY, UNIVERSALY OUTRAGOUS.

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