Katarina and the Twin Daggers

This is half-way between an original champion concept and a Katarina rework. This is a warning so you all know that the Katarina you all know now is not being preserved here, except for a few broad similarities. On the rework side of things, I will still give some broad points to address: - Katarina is a very uninteresting champion with nothing special about her. Her thing right now is a super mobile champion that is frustrating to play against, is super feast or famine, and only does damage. Does this sound familiar? Yea, it sounds like every single assassin in the game, and they too need to be addressed as well. - This is offering something fun for Katarina and offer something for the player to master, give her a fallback pattern to rely on, grant skill expression for more interesting abilities, not have her frustrating to go against, and give her a real reason to why pick her over another champion that is not about being oppressive toward others. Again, emphasis on fun to play as and not having her frustrating to go against. **** > **Attack Range:** 700 units > **Attack Speed:** 0.875 +3.5% per level > **Movement:** 350 units per second > **Attack Damage:** High > **Other Stats:** Melee type of champion, including item and other effects for her attacks. > > **** > > # _**Twin Daggers (Passive):**_ > > Katarina throws a dagger whenever she attacks, remaining there for up to 10 seconds or until she picks it up. Katarina holds up to two daggers, one in each hand, and cannot attack with no daggers in hand and her abilities are reliant on both having and not having a dagger, indicating whether she can cast it or not. > > Direct executes by either a basic attack or Dagger Toss will cause the dagger to bounce into the air and back to Katarina at increased speed and refund the cooldown of Dagger Toss. > > Daggers must be stationary for a minimum of 0.75 second before Katarina can pick it up again. > > _(Katarina's attacks gain access to melee effects on items and such.)_ > > # _**Dagger Toss (Q):**_ > **Cooldown: 0.75 second; Requirement: 1 Dagger in Hand; Range: 1000 units** > > Katarina throws one dagger to the target location, dealing 32/44/56/68/80(+30%AP) magic damage to all enemies in its path, remaining in play to where it lands. > > The first enemy struck is dealt up to 30/45/60/75/90(+50%AP) bonus magic damage based on the target's missing health, reaching max damage when the target is below 40% health. > > Passive: Daggers remain at their location for up to 9/8/7/6/5 seconds. > > # _**Twirling Daggers (W):**_ > **Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds; Requirement: 2 Daggers in Hand; Radius: 225 units** > > Katarina twirls around incredibly fast with her daggers extended outward, dealing 50/75/100/125/150(+45%bAD)(+45%AP) magic damage to struck enemies while knocking them up for 1 second. Katarina then rises up like a helicopter and slowly twirls downward like a spinning flower over 1 second, being untargetable in this state, but she moves 60% slower. > > # _**Dash / Slash (E):**_ > **Cooldown: 20 seconds; Range: 700 / 225 units** > > _Dash:_ Katarina gains a burst of speed that rapidly decays over 2 seconds, gaining 60/70/80/90/100%(+10% per 100AP) total movement speed and tripling to 180/210/240/270/300%(+30% per 100AP) total movement speed when moving toward a dagger. > > _Slash:_ While airborne from Twirling Daggers, Katarina dive bombs to the target location, dealing 60/90/120/150/180(+100%AP) magic damage to nearby enemies when she lands. > > Passive: Katarina refunds 10/20/30/40/50% of the cooldown of Dash / Slash whenever she picks up a dagger. > > # _**Death Lotus (R):**_ > **Cooldown: 60/33/6 seconds; Requirement: No Daggers in Hand** > > Katarina calls in both her daggers to her location, causing them to deal 75/100/125(+30%AP) true damage each to enemies they pass through. > > If both daggers strike the same target, then they apply grievous wounds for 4 seconds and deal 200% increased damage against shields. > > Passive: Champion kills or assists refund 30/65/100% of the cooldown of Death Lotus. **** # **UPDATE NOTES:** **Twin Daggers:** Added that Dagger Toss' cooldown refunds if the dagger executes a target. Stated the bounce is at increased speed for its return. _(This will not have significant impact, but just a quality of life function to this concept so that you get the dagger back and then can choose to immediately throw it out again if you want the area damage.)_ **Dagger Toss:** Damage lowered to 32/44/56/68/80 +30%AP from 30/45/60/75/90 +55%AP magic damage Damage is now 100% to all enemies struck Added in up to 30/45/60/75/90 +50%AP bonus magic damage to the first enemy struck based on its missing health, max damage at 40% or less health. _(As an assassin, this will help with executing your victim and focus the power more to have less wave clear strength and poke potential. She is to have some poke damage, but still mostly reliant on her team as Katarina still has a ton of power in her all-ins for the clean up, just toned back a bit to make room for more useful utility and make her less of a feast or famine champion.)_ ****
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