Need help designing a champion based around being an aspect madness.

Title sums it up basically. Been knocking around this idea for an aspect champion where the guy is so completely deranged or psychotic that his being starts to overpower the thoughts of the aspect he's supposed to be a part of. Essentially the aspect was originally supposed to represent something else, maybe even some good, but after this new host (thinking i'll call him Agla?) is chosen for whatever reason, he's utterly infected by his subconscious and loses all control. and that would sort of translate into the champions game play. I was sort of envisioning a tank style of kit, with his main gimmick being that he can enrage champions with certain skills. Maybe like a passive that causes nearby enemies vision to blur, with the blur getting worse the closer they are. and an ultimate where he channels an aura for a few seconds where all enemy champions attack each other, and all allied champions attack each other. I was also thinking he'd be like a kid or something, maybe 11 or 12 to drive home some sort sense juxtaposition or tragedy, or hopefully something not as edgy. i dunno, i don't really design champs that much so tell me your thoughts on this all. just share some ideas on how i can improve the lore and any ideas to round out the kit.
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