~*Star Guardian Irelia*~ (Skin Concept!~)

(art by xxsmell on twitter) (Disclaimer, i just accidentally deleted this entire post and now have to rewrite/sum up what i type ;w; aaaahhh so sad T-T) OKAY! So! Star Guardian Irelia would be SUCH a perfect Star Guardian, i feel like she matches this skin line Very well, outfit wise, and weapon wise and all~ She would be SO CUTE with a cherry red color scheme ;o; and a SUPER cute cherry red sparkly magical girl outfit with sheers, sparkles, a sparkly frilly skirt with some thigh highs to go with those THICCCCC thighs xDDD she&#039;s look SO CUTE ;W; HER WEAPONS CAN BE RED STARS ;A; shaped kinda like the one in Star Guardian Miss Fortunes Hair :o and her abilities can all have sparkly star effects in them with red effects :3 Her recall can be a parody of a magical girl transformation with her blades spinning around her to form her outfit and a final cute pose~ She can fly out of base with the pretty red star trail ;A; Her hair can be a nice dark black with curly ends~ and 2 braid buns with braids on top of her long hair~ and perhaps she can have red hair tips for the Star Guardian hair color feel lol SHE HAS A FREAKING SAILOR MOON TIARA IN HER CLASSIC FOR HECKS SAKE XD SHE NEEDS TO BE A STAR GUARDIAN LOL more colors could work, but Taliyah should be Orange xD Abilities :3 Passive- Her star blades glow a brighter red with more sparkles and more sparkles and star effects in each auto attack Q- when she dashes it bursts with stars and red sparkles and stuff~ W- Spins with twinkling sound and red sparkle effects, and stabs forward with a star shape and red star sparkle effects(imma say red sparkly star stuff a lot xD cuz it&#039;s self explanatory)EDIT: Someone said it'd be cute if her spin looked similar to jannas tornado spinning in SG skin >w< THAT' D BE CUTE! E- Pew pews out 2 stars that go PEW and shoot to stun xD they should look like cute little red shooting stars~ maybe these 2 stars can have lil cute faces? :3 like syndras? &gt;w&lt; they should make adorable sounds, and the stun symbol for the bonus q attacks can be a red star guardian symbol~ or star R- Shoots out her stars with the pretty sparkly shooting star trail, when collides with an enemy champion it makes a pretty sound and continues with sparkles and red star effects in the wall of stars~ also when someone walks through the star wall it makes a twinkling stabbing sparkle sound xD maybe it can look like a bunch of cute star buddies holding hands to make the wall shape ;O; AHHH SO CUTE! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and click my post ;w; i really appreciate it ;A; i hope you like this skin idea &gt;w&lt; i love the artwork that xxsmell did, It&#039;s SO ADORABLE! ;A; T---T Irelia would make SUCH a perfect star guardian &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &gt;w&lt; ty {{champion:39}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}} P.S. Rito please make Star Guardian Taliyah xD
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