Champion Idea: A Generic Skeleton

Before I get into it, I would like to discuss this champion's "shtick" if you will. Basically, he is a generic skeleton with great power hidden behind his bony frame. There is a surprise factor to when you first see him and when you further fight him. He is very well an underdog at first look, but can easily turn the tides of battle after lvl 6. Anyways, here we go: Lore: In the desolate wastelands torn apart by the waging wars between Noxus and Demacia, a lowly skeleton arises from the earth. His name forgotten by time, only his bones remember one thing: how to fight. He picks his sword and shield up from the dirt and he begins his long journey across the barren fields in search of his self. He comes across a small Demacian force marching through the patchy fields. The Demacian squadron and the skeleton see each other. They charge at the skeleton. The skeleton's body acts on its own out of memory and readies itself to embrace the oncoming force. He blacks out, having flashbacks of leading charges and cutting down Demacian forces as if they were playthings. He comes back to reality and wakes to see the Demacian squadron now a macabre work against the canvas of the plagued earth. He does not flinch nor hesitates at the sight but continues to walk on. Searching. Q: In all honesty, no idea. I was thinking something along the lines of a jax w where he uses his sword or shield to do an enhanced auto attack W: Parry: "skeleton" stands still (cannot move) and parries a ranged or melee attack depending on what he chooses to press (after pressing w first, skeleton can parry a melee attack by pressing q and e for ranged - wq for melee, we for ranged) E: Dismember: Skeleton leaps in a direction, disconnecting his lower half. Damage and movement speed is reduced by x% (maybe more reductions on other stats). UNSURE: "Skeleton" can dismember a second time, detaching his head from his body. Stats are further reduced by x% (this is a very risky state to be in) - distance of dismember still needs to be determined. R: Gorevan, The Conqueror: he transforms into a monstrous bony behemoth. All stats are increased except movement speed and abilities are altered - he also gains some cool armour from his former worn out soldier equipment. Lasts x seconds So yeah, his name is actually Gorevan Passive: Achilles heel: slowing Gorevan makes him more susceptible to damage, but in turn, gains more damage Q (R altered): Smash: Gorevan slams his massive blade against the ground, dealing damage those caught under (and slows those on the side due to the shock...?) W (R altered): super parry: for x seconds, Gorevan can move and parry attacks, but cannot attack while doing so (can prematurely deactivate...?) E (R altered): Give chase: skeleton becomes a giant (chattering) skull (and is flung a small distance towards the enemy...?) and gains movement speed. The first person to get hit is stunned for x seconds. This is pretty unrefined, as I wrote this heavily sedated while I was in the hospital. That being said, I would very much appreciate any questions, comments, concerns and all that other jazz you have about the champ. I was thinking Gorevan could be a top laner, but feel free to argue a possibly better lane for him.
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