Tryndamere Rework Concept

Why should Tryndamere be reworked. 1. His Model and Abilities are Out Dated. 2. He's one of 3 Stat Check focused champions left in the game. 3. His archetype could be more deeply explored and resonate more in his kit. Concept and Goal: Remove his Stat Checking nature by limiting the amount of Guaranteed Damage he has(Less Auto Attack Focused). Increase Skill Expression by giving him more tools to outplay his opponent. Reduce Toxicity by removing mechanics from him that are toxic to play against and lack any real skill expression by the person playing Tryndamere, make him more fair when he's ahead and less unfun to play when he's behind(Reduce his Binary Nature). Concepts to Keep: Undying Rage, Crit Focused Build Path, Invincible Killing Machine(Berserker). Tryndamere should hit like a truck and FEEL like he hit's like a truck, his abilities should reflect the nature of the weapon he uses, as should how he play's. Role: Juggernaut/Fighter Passive: Curse of The Warlord Tryndamere cannot gain Attack Speed, instead any Attack Speed he would gain is gained as Health. FURY: Tryndamere gains 5 Fury each time he lands a basic attack, and 10 Fury on critical strikes or each time he kills an enemy. After not dealing or receiving damage for 8 seconds, Tryndamere loses 5 Fury per second. (Cap 100) Tryndamere gains .05% Spell Vamp per 5 points of Fury up to a cap of 20%-40%(based on Level) (if he has no Fury, he also has no Spell Vamp) (Exact Number's i don't know, but it makes him able to build Crit Items without sacrificing Defenses, however it also prevents him from simply walking up to someone and wacking them with his sword at light speed, i think that right should be reserved for Master Yi. To compensate for having no Attack Speed his base Attack Speed is .6 and scales up to 1 by level 18) Q: Wraith of A Titan Cooldown: 10/8/6/4/2 Damage: 40/50/60/80/100+(100% of AD) Active: Tryndamere swings his blade in a massive arc over his body, slamming it into everything in front of him and dealing Physical Damage. Passive: This ability can Critically Strike for 50% bonus damage, upon Critical Strike stun an enemy champion for .5 seconds. At 50% Critical Strike Chance, this attack will Always Crit. W: Bloodlust Active: Tryndamere roar's with anger. All enemies within a certain area around tryndamere that are turned away from him will be slowed by 20-50% based on their Missing health. Passive: Tryndamere gains bonus movement speed towards enemies bellow 50% of their HP. E: Leaping Slash Active: Tryndamere leaps forward a fixed distance. You can cast this ability alongside his Q to extend the distance of the Leap(Q+E is how it is casted this way, so casting it during the animation for his Q) and have Tryndamere immediately slam down on the ground where he lands, treating it as an attack from his Q Wraith of A Titan. Note: The animation for casting this alongside his Q will have him pull back his sword, and basically use it to throw himself. R: Undying Rage Active: Tryndamere begins swinging and slamming his sword into the ground wildly for X seconds. During this time Tryndamere cannot have his Health drop bellow a certain Threshold. In addition the player has Limited Control of Tryndamere and cannot cast any abilities(except Summoner Spells). Each swing of Tryndamere's sword is treated as "Wraith of A Titan", during this time "Wraith of The Titan" has it's bonus Crit Damage increased to 60% and the stun will last for 1 second. Tryndamere will Automatically cast Bloodlust upon casting this ability(Even if Bloodlust is on Cooldown) Casting this ability will always consume 100% of Tryndamere's Fury over the duration. Consume 20% of his fury for each second this ability is active, during this time Tryndamere cannot gain any Fury and the duration of this ability is 1 second per 20% of fury. Tryndamere will slam his sword in the direction of your cursor on initial cast, but will always slam in the opposite direction of his last slam afterwards. Note's: Tryndamere will continue to swing his Sword around wildly even if he's CC'ed. Tryndamere will slam his sword every .3 seconds. Recomended Core Items: {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} or {{item:3046}} Recomended Items: {{item:3078}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} Alternative R Undying Rage will instead Reduce Tryndamere's Q cooldown to .25 seconds, lasts for X seconds the duration being based on how much fury is consumed (5% Fury for .25 Seconds) and will make him unable to die for the duration.
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