Riot , Runaterra's Calamity

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" _A LOOMING DOOM _ " (Lore ) , Log in theme : ( i do not own the art and soundtrack involved ) **** in a vast plain somewhere in the outskirts of Shurima , a mysterious sigil in the sky opens up its maw and turns the sky momentarily dark , winds start to swirl and the ground starts to shake as a comet like object darts out in a slow lumbering pace from the sigil , now crashing towards the sandy surface of Shurima . The dust settles and a tall figure of a man slowly stood up , _....hah... hahahahah , it worked !! most of the program i made didnt make it and went haywire..lets see , full system control protocol program is burnt to a crisp , time conversion interface is online , so in five hours or so of me stuck in the chair in my office unnoticed by the other RIOT employees will be equivalent for like 100 years here in Runaterra ? thats more than enough time for me to enjoy_ . _ahh , it seems like my speech translate program is burnt to a crisp aswell , including my ability to speak in this world , guess ill have to play the silent and menacing Tyrant ._ Riot started roaming Shurima , marveling at the ambience and ancient sandy atmosphere vibe it gave him . For Riot its one thing to read about Shurima but actually experiencing the world from within the system for himself is a whole new experience , he blended in perfectly at first , but eventually he came across a peculiar traveller , happily and voraciously eating Boiled eggs from a shuriman food stand . _If i am to reveal myself and distrupt the balance of runaterra , i think ill have a little tango with Jax for a start ._ Riot tosses his shuriman Cloak aside to reveal himself , Pale looking face , light reddish long hair , and a skin tight brownish suit decorated in Crimson and Gold as he gives jax an ominous Leer , jax mildly annoyed that someone interrupted his meal , he starts attacking Riot in a peculiar , unpredictable but efficient way , as Riot clads himself in a mecha like armor , he budges but seemingly able to take on jax's strikes . _Now let us see how he takes what comes next_ , said Riot as he winds up a crimson spear and Propels it toward jax , it pierces his shoulder , the spear embedded in him started glowing in a crimson hue , as shuriman people rush to defend and aid the helpless jax he met them with violent strikes without remorse , dropping them like flies one after another before long the plaza is in chaos as words spread of injured civilians quickly reached Azir . Days past as Riot clad in his mecha like armor , hovers in an unsettling manner outside the gates of Shurima . Azir along with his troops march towards Riot , the Battle priestess Sivir herself even associated with azir to take down this threat , a pack of xer'sai can also be seen , along with their Queen in the front , heading towards Riot as if realizing that this being is a threat to shurima or even Runaterra itself . _Now , let the tyranny and deprivation begin_ - Riot . ( End of lore ) **** _BIO _ : Zell phillip is a Riot employee from the year 2030 where RIOT GAMES has expanded their various facilities to its Apex form , granting them cutting edge technology to implement almost anything like virtual diving , recreating runaterra in their storage systems and Servers to observe the various lives and champions that exist inside , zell went too far and decided to wear a device that is not fit for use yet so he could transport himself in runaterra as an " experiment " . He ultimately succeeded but was punished accordingly , banning him from work for 3 weeks , but RIOT GAMES liked how dark things turned out and actually decided to keep him as a champion (zell being the first RIOT employee to have become a champ Literally.. ) , ensuing chaos to runaterra's other champions as a result , but ironically most of runaterra's inhabitants named him " Riot , Runaterra's Calamity " due to him causing endless violence whenever his spear is hurled , and a seemingly unsettling mecha form that even champions do not know how to deal with . **** Stats : HEALTH : 528 (ATTACK DAMAGE) : 52 HEALTH REGEN : .8 (ATTACK SPEED) : [*] 0.658 (+ 0%) MANA : 405 ARMOR : 22.7 MANA REGEN : .8 (MAGIC RESIST): 30 (RANGE) :525 MOVEMENT SPEED : 335 **** _Champion abilities :_ > passive : " Trifecta Calamity " using abilities will give you 1 calamity stack , once it reaches 3 stacks , your next damaging Ability will Critically strike . **** > " Riot Spear " ( Q ) : after winding up for .25 secs , Hurls a Crimson red Riot spear at a location , stopping on the first enemy champ it hits damaging them by ( 100/130/160/190/220 + 50% of bonus AP Magic damage ) , and inflicting them with " Riot " CC debuff , causing them to stop in their tracks for 1.25 secs , any unit that walk inside its 240 effect radius will cause the affected unit to attack it , if the affected unit is a ranged champ it will actively shoot on sight , while a melee champ will stand its ground until the unit that went too near is in melee range . ( will attack ally and enemy units alike ) . _Mana cost_ : 75/100/125/150/175 , _Cooldown_ : 11.5 / 10.5 / 9.5 /8.5 / 7.5 " Riot Duration per level " : 1.25 /1.50/1.75./ 2 / 2.25 seconds " Ability Range " : 685 **** > " Calamity Mech suit " ( W ) : Clads Riot in a Crimson Mech suit , granting him + 25 movement speed , reflecting 15% of basic attack damage back to the attacker , and a magic shield comprising of 7.50 % of his maximum health and 7.50% of his maximum mana . Lasts 3.25 seconds on all levels . _Mana Cost _ : 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 , _Cooldown_ : 10/9.75/9.50/9.25/9 secs " Movement speed bonus per level " : +25 / +50 / +75 / +100 /+125 movement speed . **** > " Riot Warp Bolt " : Hurls a deadly yellow sphere lightning bolt to a target location , that explodes on impact , dealing ( 120/150/180/210/240 + 50% total AP Magic damage ) and stunning them for 1 second ( this ability's missile speed moves faster if Trifecta Calamity is ready to cast ) , also the area of the impact leaves an unstable space in which you may instantly Warp toward the location if you reactivate the ability ( unstable area lasts 2 seconds ) if cast while Riot spear is winding up , The spear will shatter upon impact due to sheer velocity of the warp , extending the " Riot " debuff duration by an extra .50 sec , _Mana cost _ : 95/115/135/155/175 , _Cooldown_ : 12/11/10/9/8 secs , " Ability Range " : 1000 **** > " Riot Games " ( R ) : ( this ability can only be casted while clad in Calamity Mech suit ) after channeling for .75 sec you will dash in the direction your champ is currently facing , performing a superman punch on the first enemy champ you come across , creating a brief explosion showing a Riot Fist trademark icon . shortly after , you and the enemy champ hit will be covered in Crimson 400 Radius 5 second arena , immediately forcing out all units outside its perimeter except the two of you , ( if near a turret , it will cause the turret to be temporarily frozen in time , also the view from outside the crimson sphere is like how a graves smokescreen work ) while inside all of your abilities are temporarily refreshed except your Ultimate , if you kill the enemy champ inside before the duration ends ( killing the enemy champ while inside WILL NOT give you gold ) , the both of you will resurface outside with the same health and abilities from before the collition , and you gain " Looming Doom " : you will stay in Mech form for 7 seconds and generate Trifecta Calamity stacks by 1 stack per second . but if the enemy champ survives while inside the Crimson arena and isnt killed , you will gain " System overheat " instead , supressing you helpless on the spot for 2.25 secs instead . _No Mana Cost _ , _Cooldown _ : 100 / 85 / 70 , " Crimson arena duration per lvl " : 5 / 6 / 7 , _Dash range_ : 775 **** _Role and play style _ : playing as Riot requires a pretty big gold budget , as a result it will make him underwhelming to play in JG or supp , so id say he's best played Midlane or Top lane , Riot is rich in damage and cc but relies on skillshots to be successful , he might get spammy ability wise along the way , with that said it comes along warping near enemies so it might get dangerous especially around mid game so rushing a {{item:3027}} instead of {{item:3285}} is a nice way to go and grabbing either a {{item:3157}} or {{item:3089}} afterwards , For runes id recommend Sorcery as primary with Arcane Comet , and inspiration as secondary , but for some after shock loving players , go resolve as primary and sorcery as secondary instead , along with a Transcendence rune and a gathering storm . finally this is my full build prediction on him {{item:3027}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} **** final thoughts : how did you like my concept ? any thoughts ? critique ? questions ? or simply appreciation ^^ leave a comment below , have a nice day everyone .
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