next league major band

as you may know, each year riot creates a music band type skin line to try and drum up sales. i am thinking the next music bnand skin line should be: Full Crit. it is an all marksman team (piss off yasuo you already got a skin in a music band. you don't need another). as for what music genre it is that i haven't thought of yet. but with Full Crit it would give marksman a chance to shine in the spotlight. they haven't had a turn yet (except kai'sa. she was in KDA due to it being a female band). for the members, maybe {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} (last one for irony sake). then again this could just be a dumb idea and people will hate it but it was just a random idea i had. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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