Maria, The Voodoo Queen. **Role:** AP Control Mage **Lane:** Jungle, but a viable supporter. Maria was a former Bilgewater citizen who's been profoundly condemned and named an outcast for her convictions and worship of the dead rather than life, as per the truth bearer's lessons. Individuals always incriminated and pointed their fingers at Maria for every ship sunk, every surge, and every calamity that Bilgewater took as indications of Nagakabouros' objection. Having enough of this drivel and dreading her own life, Maria's god, Papa Legpa instructed her to escape from her concealed hut and flee to a faraway forest where Legpa arranged her a role as a spirit gatherer and the lost spirits' overseer. She sneaks to villages' graves and would guide the confounded souls to her colony, which the dead recognizes as the 'Voodoo Land', to build a tranquil group where "good" and "evil" is nonexistent. They all have one purpose, to promote the dead and please the Voodoo gods far away where no man can be seen. Presently being vigilant of witch hunters, Maria is resolved to perform rituals to satisfy her divine beings. With the power of the spirits by her side, the woods are her's to dominate, because she's the Voodoo Queen after all. **Passive:** **Soul Collector** **(Only available with Smite)** All jungle camps are decorated with a ritual site, with a vase in front of the camp. If Maria kills the entire camp, their soul flies into into the vase, and once Maria clicks on the vase, she becomes blessed, and receives buffs depending on the camp killed. Right in front of Maria's nexus, there is a ritual site with an empty slot for 3 vases. Blue buff and red buff's vase are collected by Maria once she clicks on them and she receives no buffs, but something else that we'll get into later. **Raptors Buff:** Gain +5 movement speed permanently and +2 temporarily for 3 minutes for every creep slain. **Gromp Buff:** For 30 seconds, after not taking any damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield for 15% of your max health. **Krugs Buff:** Heal for 20% of your missing health. **Wolves Buff:** Wards placed by the user are 30 seconds longer and grants extra vision range. **Drake Buff:** No buffs just like red and blue, but Maria can click on them to collect them. Now, once Maria has three vases from the red buff, blue buff, and a drake vase, she can go to her ritual site located in front of the nexus and unlocks a new passive, Voodoo's Will. **Mechanics:** * Only 3 buffs can be used at a time. * Enemy champions can't receive Maria's buffs but instead they can click on the vase if there's a spirit trapped inside to release it, and they will be grant +5 gold. * The spirits will be freed on their own if not used 10 seconds before the camp respawns. **Voodoo's Will:** - Maria's allies are able to click on the vases to receive the buff after they or Maria kills the camp. Only one buff at a time per camp. - Maria and her allies are able to buy unique potions in the store for 850 each and same rules apply for potions and elixirs that already exist in the store. (Only one potion active at a time, e.t.c) **Potions:** **Serpent's Wrath:** For 1.5 minutes, your next basic attacks and abilities poisons the enemy for 4 seconds, dealing fixed magic damage depending on your level. Damage is doubled on targets below 15% health. **Potion of Youth**: Recover 30% of your missing health over 15 seconds (300g) **Gloaming's Force:** Crowd control duration is increased by 5% for 1 minute. **Rambler of The Woods:** Tenacity and slow resistance is increased by 25% for 2 minutes. **Concealed With The Spirits:** Be unable to be marked by abilities and wards for 1 minute. **Mechanics:** * These potions only have a one-time use per ally, including Maria. After they've been bought they will be removed from the store. * Maria will have an extra slot in her inventory that can only hold consumables. * Potions requires a 3 seconds channel that can't be interrupted. **Q: Spread The Words** Maria curses a target, dealing magic damage per seconds. The curse will then spread out to nearby enemies and damages them too. Only 4 targets can be cursed at a time, and the damage is decreased every time it hits a new cursed enemy. **W: Fate of The Living Doll** Maria hurls an evil needle at a skillshot direction, and the first target hit is dealt magic damage. The needle can impale two targets if they are standing in a line, and if she does both will be stunned. For the next 5 seconds, any damage dealt to the target will be increased depending on a percentage of their missing health. **E: Legpa's Fury** **Passive:** Maria gains +1 permanent AP for every 2 creeps that dies near her. Enemy champions' deaths increases the AP by 3. **Active:** Maria summons a voodoo goat's head and commands it to charge to an area, fleeing all enemies and dealing magic damage on impact. Magic damage is increased with the distance. **R: Repel the Good:** After a 2 second channel, Maria debuffs an enemy champion, removing all buff effects currently equipped. (110/95/70 secs) Maria can debuff: Shields, Red/Blue, Baron, Drake, consumables, healing per second (Not base health regen), untargetable effect, unstoppable effect, and bonus movement speed. **Note: Artworks not made by me. All rights goes to rightful owners.**
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