so after watching the LOTR and Hobbit series ive thought about those giant orc guys who carry catapults on their backs and thought that it would be a cool champion concept since i havent seen that form of weaponry used yet in a champion ( correct me if their is one or one fairly similar ). passive: stores 1 boulder every 10 or 15 (not sure) seconds up to a maximum of 2 which he carries in hand, each boulder carried in hand amplifies his auto attacks using the boulder as a blunt force object, basically like a % or flat dmg boost to the auto attack q: Giants STEPS: GONDOR takes 3 large steps in any direction (around half the distance of flash per step ) in a quick hop, granting a flat or % shield per step taken however shield amount does not stack. duration between steps should be timed so you have to use it or lose it basically timing ur steps for 3 shields or to gap close or to distance yourself. w: double fisted: GONDOR uses both his fists to slam an enemy down into the ground which acts like a snare for scaling time but with a buried in the dirt kind of animation deals a flat or % dmg, enemys around GONDOR within a 300 radius are feared by GONDOR's might for .25 to .5 seconds depending on how close they were to the snared victim. e: STRIKE: GONDOR shot-puts a boulder in any direction slowing any victim or victims caught in its path for a percentage slow an a flat dmg, if GONDOR chooses he may shot-put his second charge snaring any victim or victims for 1 second but with limited or no damage taken from the second boulder, a second roll must be used within 5 seconds in order to facilitate the snare effect. r: Bring it DOWN: GONDOR loads up a boulder into the catapult built into his back and begins charging increasing the distance and damage received untill maximum charge is reached, GONDOR may fire consecutive boulders if he has 2 charges within a 10 second period any second boulder will maintain the distance charge but will do reduced damage to any target hit by multiple boulers, however a target hit by 2 boulders will be slowed for a % slow based on the distance of the second boulder. he could have some prior made up lore or a brand new lore doesnt matter, let me know what you guys think of the idea!
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