Legendary Kassadin Skin pls.

In light of the fact that he finally got his much-needed MTU (though, like many others, I have to admit I was hoping for a VU something fierce), can we please address the fact that Kassadin still lacks a legendary skin. Sure, Harbinger Kassadin *could* have been awesome, and I was **really** hoping I would gain new love for the skin with the MTU, but (and no offense meant to those who like it) I find myself completely abandoning the skin with the update, only using it when Team Builder mistakenly has me select it. Can we ***please*** see a Legendary tier (or hell, even just a 1350 "badass" one) Kassadin skin that really looks *cool*? Not a comical skin please, frankly those are good for a chuckle and that's all (with the exception of some of the really high quality ones that fit the character, such as surprise party Fiddlesticks), and some of us are desperate to see a Kassadin skin that makes full use of how much "badass" visual potential there is for Kassadin. As well as having an option that's not obsessed with midriff. Just a request. Admittedly a long-time-in-waiting inspired, sad-that-Harbinger-isn't-terribly-cool request, but still a humble request nonetheless.
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