Idea of a system for Vicotrious Skin

[]( Well this idea didn't come from me, I see them on the comments of the News FR Basically the idea would be to make a catalogue similar to the Prestige Skins, if we are Gold+ at the end of the season we will get a Victoirous token, and this token will be used to choose 1 skins among all the Victorious skin available. Because it's not that I don't like Aatrox but the skin and even the champion don't interest me ABSOLUTELY, but on the other hand Elise's one I would have liked to have it, thanks to a system that starts that we will have the choice at least, you don't like the 2019 skin? so take an ostrich that you are more interested in among all the rest! of course you'll have to give something special to people who already have the old skins as usual!
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