Star Guardian Ahri (Is it just me?)

PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri! “The darkest night makes for the brightest stars.” Ahri is the proud leader of the newest Star Guardian squad! Welcome Kiko-tricksy, cute and alluring like Ahri herself. New glittery model and texture! New peachy visual effects for her entire kit! New
So I've read all the comments in the pbe section for the Star Guardian Ahri skin (S.G.A.) as well as watched the spotlight etc. and I am sooo dissapointed that i can't contain myself. The skin is very lackluster for a legendary skin. I mean repeat colors on her tail and in her hair, No whiskers (with the claim that she's becoming more human-like in star guardian form) it just feels so off, and then while saying that Kiko is "tricksy, cute and alluring like Ahri herself" they make her V.O. sound like a cocky stuck up snob with no alluring aspects at all in the voicelines! Is it just me that thinks this skin is garbage? It might seem ungrateful but I am an ahri main and the last thing i want is her legendary skin to be utter trash! Sure it has a cool recall, sure she has a new dance and some more particles. But thats barely anything considering how badly they messed up everything else. And then the people commenting in the pbe all criticize the same things repeatedly yet riot just blows by them saying we've already decided on this or that. What's the point of even having pbe criticism/suggestions if they don't even listen! I feel like they wasted ahri's potential in this "legendary" skin. I feel like blood moon, cosmic, or even darkstar would have been better for ahri as legendary skins. Does anyone else have these same thoughts?
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