Kassandra, the Rouge Lunari

**Hello, welcome to another idea of mine! As per usual, please be constructive and not rude. Besides that, allow me to welcome you to, Kassandra, the Rouge Lunari.** https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Inspiration Kassandra, and many of my other ideas, are based of me going through and looking at various artworks online and finding a picture that I really like and making a concept out of it. Kassandra also came from me wanting to create a mage / assassin character. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Theme / Looks **Theme** This is the first time I actually went out searching for a song that represented a concept of mine. I decided to choose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc7ul2Pf1hw or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLTeHQ2LIy4 I am between both. I really like both for my concept. Dark Star as the dark aspect that I like, but DA2 has the energetic part that represents her kit. Of course, this isn't a 100% representation of what it would actually be like. This is just what I like. Song 2 belongs to BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts. **Looks** _Disclaimer: All rights of the image below belong to [Jeremy Chong](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nyx-14) on ArtStation._ https://imgur.com/cIyopjO https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Behind the Idea Kassandra is meant to be split between a mage and assassin form. She is able to switch between both forms to take down her enemies. Her mage form set ups for the assassin form to take down her enemies one by one. I hope her kit reflects this. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Ratings + Reasonings Damage: 3/3 - Simple, she does a ton of damage. Toughness: 1/3 - If Kassandra gets focused, she pops. Control: 1/3 - Only one point because her cc only focuses one person and it kind of difficult to land. Mobility: 2/3 - A two might be a tad two high because her only dash has a heavy cooldown. Utility: 0/3 - She only looks to help herself. Difficulty: 3/3 - I am gonna 3/3 for now because her damage and everything requires plenty of set up on the mage's end. If you happen to set up correctly, then you will deal massive damage. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Roles and Misc Info **Roles & Classes** Kassandra is a MID AP, but if you really wanted to, she could be viable as a TOP/BOT APC. Kassandra's classes are Mage - Burst & Slayer - Assassin. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **Misc Info** Resource Bar: Mana Damage: Magical / AP Range: 525 - Ranged https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Stats **Stats were averaged from the following champions: {{champion:99}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:25}}. They were used because they, in some way, share a class with Kassandra.** Health: 510 (+80 per level) Health Regen: 6.5 (+.55 per level) Mana: 325 (+55 per level) Mana Regen: 6 (+0.9 per level) Range: 525 Attack Damage: 54.5 (+3.5 per level) Attack Speed: .625 (+1.5% per level) Armor: 20.5 (+3.5 per level) Magic Resist: 30 (+0.5 per level) Movement Speed: 335 https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Abilities / Kit You've made to kit! Here it is: **Passive: The Lunari's Seal** _Kassandra's mage abilities curse her opponents' health. With each spell that hits, 10% of the damage inflicted turns part of the her enemies' health bar into **black health**._ **Black Health:** This is health that will be instantly removed if the target is damaged by Kassandra's assassin abilities. **Black Health** returns to normal after 6 seconds of not being damaged by Kassandra's abilities. **Black Health** builds from the bottom of the health and works it way upwards (so it becomes an execute). https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **Q: Shadow Rush / Shadow Blade** _Range - 1000 / Mana: 50/65/80/95/110/125 / Type: Skillshot / Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11/10 seconds._ **Shadow Rush:** While in mage form, Kassandra gains **Shadow Rush**. **Shadow Rush** allows Kassandra to cast out a charging shadow that travels in a targeted direction, damaging all units along its path dealing 30/60/90/120/150/180 (+55% AP) magic damage, but stopping and latching to the first enemy champion hit, slowing them by 15/20/25/30/35/40% for 1.75/2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds. **Shadow Blade:** While in assassin form, Kassandra gains **Shadow Blade**. Kassandra sends out a blade of shadow in a targeted direction that deals 30/60/90/120/150/180 (+55% AP) magic damage to all enemies hit, stopping at the first enemy champion hit. If a shadow is attached to the enemy champion, the damage turns into a small AoE around the target and stuns them for 1.5 seconds, consuming the shadow and slow from **Shadow Rush** upon getting stunned. If **Shadow Blade** hits an enemy not affected by **Shadow Rush**, the AoE is removed. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **W: Moonpass / Moonstrike** _Range: 525 / Recast Range: 750 / Mana: 80/85/90/95/100/105 / Type: ? / Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18/16 seconds ._ **Moonpass:** While in mage form, Kassandra gains **Moonpass**. **Moonpass** allows Kassandra to travel a chosen distance in a targeted direction, leaving behind a moonlit shadow of herself. **Moonstrike:** While in assassin form, Kassandra gains **Moonstrike**. **Moonstrike** allows Kassandra to teleport back to her shadow, dealing 60/105/150/195/240/285 (+60% AP) magic damage in an AoE around her shadow. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **E: Umbral Call / Umbral Assault** _Range: 1000 / Effect Radius: 250 / Mana: 30/55/80/105/130/155 / Type: ? / Cooldown: 17.5/15/12.5/10/7.5/5 seconds_ **Umbral Call:** While in mage form, Kassandra gains **Umbral Call**. **Umbral Call** summons a swirling pool of shadows to ravage a targeted area, dealing 15/30/45/60/75/90 (+33% AP) magic damage per half second to all enemies standing within the ring. The ring lasts for 3 seconds. **Umbral Assault:** While in assassin form, Kassandra gains **Umbral Assault**. **Umbral Assault** empowers Kassandra's next ability or basic attack with the power to send **Umbral Call** to a targeted enemy, consuming the ring in the process, to deal 30 (15% AP) magic damage - 200 (+45% AP) magic damage depending on the enemy's missing health + 10 (+5% AP) per time the enemy was struck by **Umbral Call**. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **R: Lunari / Shadow** _Range: 1 / Mana: 0 / Type: Self Buff, Transformation / Cooldown: 0.5 seconds._ Passive: Kassandra gains 5/10/15% magic. pen after levels 6/11/16. Switches Kassandra between her mage and assassin class. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Hidden Information about Abilities: Passive: Her mage abilities cannot proc black health. Only her assassin abilities can. Her mages abilities WILL STOP damaging enemies if all they have left is black health. Also, notice the wording, I say "inflicted". Black Health is calculated after resistances are put into place. Additionally, shields reduce the damage inflicted, thus reducing the amount of Black Health created. Additionally, her assassin abilities cannot create black health. Q: ? W: Enemies know the damage AoE radius from the ring of light around the shadow. Assassin form cannot be used without first using mage form. E: Assassin form is unique and can be consumed with mage abilities. Assassin form cannot be used without first using the mage form. R: The swapping animation can be cancelled to allow for quick and easy usage of abilities. Abilities are also form specific. So, you will have to wait out the cooldown of each ability per form; swapping doesn't reset them. Cooldowns do run in the background while in another form. There is no wait time between casting abilities after switching forms (if you didn't just previously cast that ability). Forgot to mention, R changes the model of her completely. Mage is human form, while Assassin she becomes a shadow. Ex. A cast of Q/W/E in mage form will put it on cooldown, but not the assassin form of Q/W/E. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Proposed Strengths / Weaknesses **Strengths** High burst potential. Good all-in power. Early game poke. **Weaknesses** Squishy. Punished for messing up combos. Requires set up of abilities to deal damage / cc. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Synergies / Counters **Synergies / She counters** Kassandra works well with people who can lockdown targets for her to land her stuff on and kill. Champions include {{champion:89}} {{champion:25}} and others. Kassandra counters low-ranged targets such as {{champion:238}} because her ability to land her abilities become easier and her all-in potential raises. **Counters** Kassandra falls short against other high-ranged champions because it becomes harder to land certain abilities, such as her W because of the short cast range. Additionally, champions who can negate her Q setup cc will thrive against her because that is how she manages to all-in a target. Counters include {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} and many others. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Short and Sweet Story **Note: I am randomly spewing stuff out here. I read up on lore, but I don't think/know if this would ever actually happen in the lore of Runeterra / LOL. Also, lots of plot holes. Thanks.** _Kassandra used to be a member of the Lunari, an ancient religion set in the Mountains of Targon. They believe in a balance between the moon and the sun. Kassandra, however, craved something more than being a member of a dying religion. She sought a new way, a new master._ _Kassandra did share the same values and beliefs as her fellow sisters and brothers of the Lunari. She did not see the light of the moon nor sun as the truth. Kassandra always felt a pull to the shadows that lingered around the light._ _On Kassandra's 15th birthday, she fled from her hidden village near the mountains, and fled across the land in search of the shadows. In search of someone who shared the same beliefs and practices as her. A child of the shadows. Her adventures eventually got in to Ionia, where as she wondered through the thick, luscious forests, she stumbled across the Order the Shadow. Where, instead of being slain, she was recruited to serve under the teachings of Master {{champion:238}}._ _Under his guidance, she thrived in the shadows, becoming a feared force to all who crossed her path._ https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png #Quotes - A few of many **Pick** I can't resist the call of the shadows. **Ban** Don't fear what lies in the dark. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **Spawn With** Zed: If only Kayn were here. / You lead, I follow. / Master and student at it again. / I won’t fail you, Master. / What’s the plan? / I will remember your teachings. Kayn: If only Zed were here. / Try to keep up. / Can I hold the scythe? Rhasst was it? / So, your arm, what exactly? Ah, nevermind. / Let’s make master proud. / My brother in shadows glad to have you by my side. Kayn & Zed: The deadly triad is reunited this day, almost sounded poetic there. / Shall we show them the power of the Order? / They will fear the shadows after we’re finished here. Diana: Sisters no longer, Diana. / I found a new master to serve, so should you. / This will be the last time I aid you. / I’m teaming up with you? Of all people? Zoe: I remember you kid, Zoe was it? / You left the Lunari too? Smart move. / In another life, we could have friends. / Sisters no longer, Zoe. Solari: The Solari? I’m teaming up with the solari? Ah, very well, if I must. / I can put aside my quarrels if you can, Solari. Lunari: The Lunari? That life will never let me go will it? / I can set aside my quarrels if you can, Lunari. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **Against** Zed: Master? What is he doing here? / Zed is here. Shadows serve me. Kayn: Kayn? I could use the training, I suppose. / Time to see who the better student is. Diana: Diana, still on her crusade I take it? / I’m finished running. If she wants, she can have me. / Her crusade ends here. Zoe: It is a shame. I rather liked that kid. / What’s the kid doing here? Lunari: The Lunari? I was going to live and let live, but oh well. / Great, the Lunari. I knew I’d have to face them sometime, looks like today is that day. Solari: The Solari? I was going to live and let live, but oh well. / Great, the Solari. I knew I’d have to face them sometime, looks like today is that day. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **Kill** Zed: It shouldn’t have come to this, Zed. / This breaks my heart, Zed. / Rest easy now, Zed. / Sorry Zed, it was you or me… and it wasn’t going to be me. / All the things I should have said. Kayn: Rest well, brother. / Kayn! / I’m taking the… Rhasst. / It was either your or me, Kayn, and it wasn’t going to be me. / Buried in all the things I should have said. / Shouldn’t have skipped training. Diana: I… enjoyed that. / This was far more enjoyable than I thought. / Should have let me be, Diana. / The moon falls to the shadows. / The shadows engulf your light. / Zoe: Rest easy, kid. / What shame. I rather liked you, everything considered. / I almost feel bad for you. Key word: almost. Solari: Chase your false light, Solari. / Fade to the shadows. / Go to the shadwos your light casts. / No will weep for you. Lunari: Can’t say I’m going to miss you. / Keep chasing the shadows. / The truth lies in the shadows. / Finally, I am free of you. Lunari or Solari The shadows reveal our truth, not the light. / Look to the reflection in the shadows, they will show you what you seek. / Blinded by all that light. / See? Your master falls before the shadows. / Any: The shadows consume all. / Fall to the dark. / Shadows 1, you 0. / I showed you the truth, and you were not ready for it. / The shadows are powerful because they are true. Can you say that about the light? / The dark consumes all. / When you close your eyes, that is when you being to see. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **First Encounter:** Zed: I felt something hiding amongst the shadows. / Finally come for me master? I’ll make you regret it. / I’m no longer that naïve girl you found in the woods. / Another training session, I take it? / This should be entertaining. / Is this the unseen blade you speak of?/ I know what lies beneath that armor, Zed. Kayn: Hiding amongst the shadow were you? You should know better. / Is how you plan to gain master’s favor? / I considered you a brother, but that won’t stop me from striking you down. / For once, I silence my heart. Diana: Your crusade ends here, Diana. / You’ve found me, and now you will die. / I found my truth. Can you say the same? / Will I never be free of you? / You chase me like how the Solari hunted our people. / Diana, I am not the same girl that ran away all those years ago. Zoe: Lunari or not, you will not leave here, Zoe. / You’ve crossed the wrong path, kid. / Are you following me or something? Pantheon: Only a fool would walk blindly, not a man. / You’ve faced men, darkin, and gods… but now you face a woman. Leona: Tell me, Leona. What has your light shown you? / Just as we may be blinded by looking at the sun, you blind yourself by following it. Yordle: What in the… what are you? / Aw, it’s so fluffy. / Are you an animal or a fluffy child? / You’d make a fine rug. / I did need another jacket. Vastaya: Your ancestors were magical animals and humans? And that doesn’t sound strange to you? Xayah or Rakan: My master is very displeased with you. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **First Move:** Freed from the false promises of the light, I spread the truth hidden within the darkness. / My destiny cannot control me. / The Lunari sought to control me. Zed set me free. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png **Switch Forms** To Mage: Ah, back to my old self. / See? I can control it. / Nothing to fear. To Assassin: (Shadowy Voice) To the darkness. / A reflection among shadows. / I answer the call. https://i.imgur.com/IEQajeV.png Release skin idea: Either Coven Kassandra or Dark Cosmic Kassandra.
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