Very loose champion idea

This idea has been rattling around in my head for a short while now so thought i'd share. I've been thinking - I'd like to see a champion who's kit revolves around emotional manipulation. I'll start off by saying I was inspired by Blue Diamond's sadness aura in Steven Universe (pictured above). I thought that was a pretty interesting and under explored power set - the ability to incapacitate by toying with another's emotions. I only have a few, very loose, ideas on what a champ like this could be like, but here they are: Character/Lore wise I was thinking the champion could have had trouble controlling their emotions when they were younger, effecting others around them in unintended ways. If they were from a region like Demacia where such magic would be heavily frowned upon (to put it lightly) perhaps they had to be made to suppress their own emotions. ~~Conceal don't feel~~. The champion might have a monotone voice or other indicators that they are not particularly emotive. Deep down they're probably hurting though, suppressing your emotions isn't good, kids. But someone eventually finds use for their abilities and trains them into being a living emotion bomb, maybe then they finally get to emote more, maybe not. They would probably still have to suppress their emotions to some degree as part of their training in controlling their emotions and powers I would think. Now as for kit... I'm pretty terrible at coming up with kits tbh. The only idea I have is that I'd like one of their abilities, one associated with happiness, to be a stun that forces enemies to laugh like how Sona's R forces enemies to dance. Maybe this "happy" ability has a different more positive effect on allies too, such as how Lulu's abilities effect allies and enemies differently, though I haven't settled on a "positive" effect yet. Like Sona and Lulu I think I'd like this champion to be a support as well. As for the rest of the kit I don't really have any ideas - but suggestions are welcome! I'd like to keep the abilities related to core emotions to keep with the emotional manipulation theme so abilities that relate to happiness, sadness, anger, etc are really what I'm looking for! If I get some good suggestions I might pursue this idea further, but we'll see. c:
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