Autofil option should be a toggle On/Off

am dead serious. nobody likes autofil. everyone would rather wait a few more minutes to have a great game of league of legends. I have been playing for a few years now and really the amount of games I lose because I am support or jungle or even adc. I have no idea how to play those roles in high diamond when I am versus a one trick draven... like we get it, game queues would be long but ask your community! would you rather wait a little more for a quality game or just get a game in a few seconds and the first thing you see in the chat is "autofil support" while hovering pantheon. or make it a toggle on/off people who wants to wait can toggle autofil off and people who want to play NOW can toggle it on. there has to be something to do with that because I know for a fact it's slowly killing the game. when you play overwatch you don't get filled into the support role so why would a much better game like league do that?
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