I had an idea for a LoL gamemode in a dream last night

This is probably a kinda weird post but bear with me, (see image in link, i drew it in a few minute so i wouldnt forget the idea) This is an idea for a rotating game mod where there are 2 bases with a large arena in the center, There is a nexus in each base and an area circling the outside where Jungle camps spawn, with the exception that these are easier and jungle items wont be needed or used to fight these. These camps are mostly used to safely gain experience and gold for more supportive members of the team. The center arena has a gate to each base, being similar to the base gates in summoners rift, only allowing that team to enter. There are 4 towers marked by the numbers in the image which all randomly spawn miniature drakes (1 of each element), these grant buffs similar to the dragon souls being added in season 10, the only player to get the buff and the gold is the player who killed the drake. Tower one is positioned to be contested but less than the other tower due to how far it is from each base, but being equally distant. Towers 2 and 3 are meant to be easier for one side to get than the other, making it hard to be completely shut out of the game unless the opponent has a massive lead. Tower 4 is meant to be the most contested. The flow of the game would go as follows, Recalls are allowed and you may buy items at any time, Support items would be disabled meaning you must actively farm, maybe choosing some good early game champions to contest the buffs and letting late game carries farm safely to begin with. After a certain amount of time (my original idea being 10 minutes reducing to 5 at later rounds) All players will be brought back to their base and given 30 seconds to finish buying items before the teams are allowed back into the center arena, Once opened all 4 of the towers will convert to capture points, Once a point is captured it will lock, not allowing it to be taken, due to this towers 2 and 3 will lock for 1 minute allowing the enemy team enough time to force a fight for the tower. Once all towers are locked they will damage the enemy nexus, however if one team gets all 4 towers, the opposing teams gate will drop for 2 minutes allowing the team to make a rush for their nexus to deal damage. Once this round is complete the groups all reset back to spawn and the farming round begins. This is kinda a text dump, didn't realize it would take so much explaining. Thanks for reading and sorry if this is similar to an idea that already exists, again it kinda came to me late at night and i cant think of anything similar. Also apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes, im dyslexic and i tried to read over it multiple times to avoid mistakes but likely still missed some EDIT: As said above, already found a mistake
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