Should there be buttons for calling your role in blind pick?

*PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE VOTING* I feel like it would be really useful to have a method for calling roles in blind pick. Currently people just call them out, and about 75% of people follow this and respect these rules. Then you get the other 25% who just auto-lock or sit there and say they called it first, and copy/paste but alter it to look like they called it, etc. Or someone connects late, and loses the chance to call a role because they connected late, and also can't see who called what before they connected. I feel like there should be some sort of popup with buttons or something so that it's kind of like draft but faster, maybe just a popup that shows the roles (when everyone is connected, the buttons become clickable) and whoever clicks jg is the only one who can have smite. As far as the lanes i'm not sure how to make sure other people don't just pick a champ and go to that lane, but at least everyone will know who got it and it won't be disputable, and maybe this will leverage at least half of the trolls to just dodge or take another role. It would still follow the theme of blind pick, as you wouldn't see the other teams champions, this way it would just be more clear who goes where. Also people often just lock in and don't say anything. I have found myself sitting there asking in chat what is open, with no response. They may pick a champion who can be jg or top, and they don't have smite then change it at the last second. There's just a ton of inconsistencies which lower the quality of playing blind pick. I believe this function would remedy most of them.
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