Battle Bunny Evelynn ( Update ) ( I had a digital artist blend out and retouch my bad MS paint job, and he did amazing! ) This is just a rough copy, as it is an idea and a good pose for her splash, if any digital artists want to update this and add color and stuff please do, I succ.. ; -; Here are some skill ideas as well, this is not the final but sort of an idea, for her demon form I was thinking of an evil bunny face ( like her blood moon demon shade ) long gloves and thigh high socks ( cause we got to keep it sexy! ). Here are my overall updates for the Battle Bunny Evelynn skin, I know I am not the best artist but this is the only way I could express how much I love this skin idea and want it to come to life. I thought it would be good if I could have your guys is input and thoughts on it as well, I hope you like and support it just as much as I do! ♡ _"Who does a girl have to see to get a battle bunny skin?"_ {{champion:28}}

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