Let us add a small bio on our profiles

It would be cool if there was a small text area in our profile where we can write something about ourselves. This could be similar to how you can write stuff on your steam profile or instagram profile. This is especially useful for advertising your youtube/twitch channels. It's your profile so you should have a right to advertise yourself there. You can already kind of do this with status messages but only your friends can see those so they are not as useful. Also it's very good for high elo players as their profiles often get visited because they are in the top leaderboards. When I look at the top challenger players and see individual profiles, it doesn't show anything about them, just the champions they are playing and their rank. I want to see more about those players and maybe go and watch their stream but when it's like this I don't even know who they are. So a small bio would be very useful for everyone and it would make league a more social place.
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