A list of New Skin Line Ideas

* Knowledge Purifiers (Dark librarians who purge those who try to learn secrets of hidden knowledge) * Knowledge Purifier {{champion:13}} * Knowledge Purifier {{champion:161}} > * Deadly Revenants of Runeterra (Godlike in power, mysterious legends across Runeterra, who hunt down those who step out of their territory) * Revenant of Abyss {{champion:111}} * Revenant of Skies {{champion:56}} * Revenant of Lands {{champion:421}} > * Chemtech (Zaun's brand new technology that is aimed to compete against Piltower's Hextech technology) * Chemtech {{champion:112}} * Chemtech {{champion:72}} * Chemtech {{champion:83}} * Chemtech {{champion:145}} * Chemtech {{champion:110}} > * (RED) PROGRAM: CODE PURGE (Twisted, abandoned, broken artificially constructed beings that seek to purge those who supported the ways of their creators) * PROGRAM: CODE PURGE {{champion:28}} * PROGRAM: CODE PURGE {{champion:90}} * PROGRAM: CODE PURGE {{champion:30}} * PROGRAM: CODE PURGE {{champion:110}}
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