(Unpopular Opinion) Giants song, has no direction.

It sounds like a mashup of all the different elements of hip-hop, slapped together in hopes to make a good track. Why are there so many different beat changes? why does the singing dominate majority of the song. Where is the direction you were trying to go with this? What emotion am I supposed to feel? It goes from hip-hop, to melodic, to trap-ish, to more of a drake style beat, into a horrible transition to more singing. What am I supposed to feel from this song? Hype? Cause I dont feel that at all. Its really hard to get into, and takes you out of the immersion of the song. The only rappers that do these random switch ups on the flow and beat, are new age rappers. This doesn't sound really hiphop at all. This sounds more pop than anything. Not to mention, there were barely any notable lyrics. All the rappers did was rhyme. Where are the bars? I was hoping they would drop some freestyles about the world of runterra. Or have ekko talk about how he started in the slums and rasied to the top of the charts. Or something ya know? all he says is that "A, we are great" "B, you are trash "C, did I mention how great we are". Like I don't know if you guys listen to hiphop, but alot of rappers don't rap about this type of trash. Most decent rappers have substance to there lyrics. Like blackthought, lupe fiasco, Joe budden. etc. This.... was just some random pop tart song for the masses to enjoy. it doesn't have any essence of **pure** hip-hop in it.
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