I think there's a really cool possibility for the Female Darkin, that we haven't seen yet.

So, as of the moment, we have three situations with our three Darkin, which all separate themselves from each other. {{champion:266}} is a fully in control Darkin, years of experience of corrupting and taking over Hosts. {{champion:141}} and Rhaast, are a pair fighting for control for either the power of the Scythe, or Kayn's entire body and mind. {{champion:110}} and his two gay roomies, are contesting Va(a)rus for Duo Control over the body that was morphed from them. hoping to find a way to free themselves. From Varus's short story, he mentioned that he had a 'Sister', more likely meaning 'Sister of my Kind' than an actual blood relative, and he seeks to search her out. Maybe she can help him suppress the two voices in his head that are constantly wrestling for control, and making kissey faces at each other when he's not looking. Maybe together, they can go ruthlessly killing abroad. Obviously he needs her for something, but what if this Female Darkin ends up being something....new. Imagine this Female Darkin, not just being a fully Formed in-control Darkin like Aatrox, but a fully cooperative team? This might step on Kai'sa toes a little, but I think there's a large enough difference that it's possible. For one, we could get more fantastic double-dialouge that Rhaast and Kayn brag, and I'll point you to my name for my opinion on that. * We could have stories of the female Darkin's Host/Partner, actively trying to help her free the Darkin from the Weapon, or maybe through the years of being trapped, she finds peace and self-reflection, that maybe they deserved to be trapped in these weapons, for all the War they had brought after Azir's rule. She chooses to protect the Mortals she once fought to try and enslave, by forming a compatible relationship with her Host * The Host could be Shuriman as well, leading to this "Old-New" relationship between the two. The Darkin could be a Teacher to a younger girl, or possibly, it could be a much older wiser woman, who teaches the Darkin as many lessons as the Darkin would her. Even with an older Host, you could have wonderful quips like: "Back in my day this Land was a beautiful Oasis." Host: "Back in my day it was sand. Still is sand. The past is not as good as it always seems." * They make an awesome anti-thesis, to not only Aatrox, not only Kayn, but all three of them. Aatrox stewed away in his imprisonment, becoming further and further more enraged midst his suffering, while she reflected on their actions that lead them to being entrapped. Kayn and Rhaast are in a constant dick measuring contest of Wills, each trying to Suppress the other, while she and her host are mutual friends. Varus wants revenge on those who imprisoned and slaughtered them, or mortals in general, while She chooses to protect the Mortals who she once tried to enslave. * You could have so much fun dialouge. Since I'm rolling with the idea of it being an Older Woman Host, you could have them talking to each other like two Grannies drinking tea with each other. Interactions with other Darkins, the two of them scolding them for acting like "Children". A sympathetic line towards Kayn, trying to convince him to put down the Scythe, or maybe even thinking she's to blame in a round-about way "If we were better, you'd never have been in this conflict, Child.." * Or let's focus more on the Relationship between the two. ** Host: **"I am not long for this World, -Darkin Name-.." -----**Darkin**: "Please do not say such things, -Host name-, you still have many years ahead." **Host:** "When it is my time, I offer you my Body -DN-." -----**Darkin:** "Your body means nothing without your Spirit, -HN-." **Darkin:** "Azir! He lives!?" ----**Host:** "All that glimmers is not gold -DN-.....is he wearing Gold?" **Darkin:** "Once we were Gods amongst mortals, so foolishly fighting one another like rabid dogs." ----**Host:** "It seems Old Dogs can learn new tricks afterall." * The fact that she opens up a third potential story line arc for Kayn to follow. Where a potential mutual understanding is found between the him and Rhaast. Lemme just flood my sheer excitement with rough interactions between Her and Kayn. *Interaction with Kayn* **Darkin:** "Oh gods, what has Rhaast gotten himself into now..." ----**Host**: "A Scythe apparently." --------**Darkin:** *Laughs* **Host:** "Child, lusting for power will only allow him to claim more of you." ----- **Darkin:** "You have more in common that you two might not see." *A Kayn on either team transforms into SA/Running into SA Kayn* **Darkin:** "Do you feel that -HN-? Runeterra just got...quieter." ----**Host:** "It seems we underestimated that child." **Host**: "Better Rhaast conquered than for him to run amok." ----**Darkin**: "Yes but....he once was an friend." --------**Host:** "Oh...I'm..sorry." *A Kayn on either team Transforms into Rhaast/Running into Rhaast.* **Darkin**: "This feeling...Rhaast has come." ----**Host**: "Foolish child, we shall correct his mistake." **Host:** "Rhaast, that stolen body will not last forever." ----**Darkin:** "Let alone the next few seconds." Alright, this is enough for now. But with all that, I hope I've inspired in you just how much excitement this idea brings me. There is so much possibility with these this champion, it would actually be a detriment for her to be released, I'd be too torn amongst the two for who to main. I don't know what weapon or form she'd take shape in, maybe a spear would suit her best. I'd love to keep talking about this in the comments.
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