From the Mordekaiser community: please consider a classic skin for our champ Older Morde players love his old design so much that a member of the Morde community, MrAdrianPl, is creating a 'classic' Model for Mordekaiser's old design just out of love for the champ.[] and here's a mockup I made as well Morde players love this champ, and his old design is very nostalgiac and iconic to league, just as champs like Ryze, Master Yi, Katarina, and Garen are. Morde was a champ who was in such a bad state for such a long time, yet despite that, he always had a decent player base and cult following. Whether it was his bizarre gameplay or his cool design, something always kept players coming back to the champ. He was also seen as some kind of exotic champ before his rework and people thought he was interesting because no one outside mains played him, and no one knew what he did. I've been playing since season 2 and bought Morde as my first champ because of how cool he looked, and have been playing him nonstop ever since. I am a huge fan of his old design and would love to see him come back as a skin, even if it's just a cheap one. It would be a nice love letter and throwback to the Morde community. I'm not asking for a legendary skin or anything, just a simple model swap, maybe with recolored red particles, and he would be perfect. I miss my boi[]
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