The Shadow Isles are great

A while ago, the discussion on how good and evil are relative, along with Kayle not being purely a good character, got me thinking about cool the Shadow Isles are. They contain some of the most evil characters Runeterra have to offer. Many of the characters there are just straight up evil with no real justification or sympathetic causes, because they don’t need any, they’re undead. Sure, maybe in life they might have been somewhat human, but there is no question that most of them are the bad guys. It’s nice to have a place for fairy tale style bad guys. The thought of an undeniably evil being haunting the world is chilling, the knowledge that should the black mists reach foreign shores, lives will be taken and their souls damned. I love the tragic back story of a king struck with grief accidentally cursing the innocent people on the isles. Of course, not all of the Isles’ denizens are pure evil. Maokai and Yorick try their best to restore the Isles. There’s even Kalista, who isn’t really evil, just a tool for people to use for revenge. It’s kind of unclear if you could call her evil, so there’s even room for some moral greyness. We get the broad spectrum of moralities. Seriously though, the evil spectres in particular are terrifying. Thresh will torture peoples’ souls for eternity, he even used to torture magical artefacts. Karthus has a beautifully twisted belief that he is helping people reach greatness in undeath. Hecarim only exists for conflict and is only interested in snuffing out every last life. Mordekaiser is a death knight/ lich so powerful he doesn’t even need the black mist, incredibly ancient and intelligent. While it can be interesting to look at the subjectivity of good and evil, sometimes it’s nice to just appreciate that there is a common enemy amongst the living, something that you can look at and go “yep, that’s evil”.

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