Sum of Attractive Champions - Male

I was running out of things to do that weren't studying for my final exams, so I decided to count the amount of attractive lol characters compared to the amount of unattractive ones. I divided them based on gender because I was curious as to what the difference in spread was. Ideally this is more than a 'Would I Bone?' list, and my method is anything but scientific, but I hope someone out there enjoys it. I also included the lazy jokes I made to myself as I went to make the whole thing a bit less tedious. The categories in order are: Attractive human| Unattractive Human| Attractive Monstrous Humanoid| Unattractive Monstrous Humanoid| Other (Monstrous Humanoid is here anything physically between human and animal/object) (I tried to avoid making judgements on underage characters, but some might have slipped through the cracks) Here. We. GO! **AH|UH|AM|UM|O** 00|00|**01**|00|00 {{champion:266}} Aatrox 00|00|**02**|00|00 {{champion:12}} Alistar 00|00|02|00|00 {{champion:32}} Amumu 00|00|02|00|**01** {{champion:136}} Aurelion Sol 00|00|**03**|00|01 {{champion:268}} Azir 00|00|03|**01**|01 {{champion:432}} Bard 00|00|03|**02**|01 {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank 00|00|**04**|02|01 {{champion:63}} Brand (Look at those charcoal abs and tell me I'm wrong) **01**|00|04|02|01 {{champion:201}} Braum (11/10 top tier Husubando) 01|00|04|02|**02** {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath (If he counted as humanoid, I'd definitely put him in the Attractive section because of the Gentleman skin) 01|**01**|04|02|02 {{champion:42}} Corki **02**|01|04|02|02 {{champion:122}} Darius **03**|01|04|02|02 {{champion:119}} Draven 03|01|**05**|02|02 {{champion:36}} Dr. Mundo 03|01|05|02|02 {{champion:245}} Ekko (No judgement, I'm pretty sure he's underage) **04**|01|05|02|02 {{champion:81}} Ezreal (It's a toss-up which list Ez should be on) 04|01|05|**03**|02 {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks 04|01|05|**04**|02 {{champion:105}} Fizz 04|01|**06**|04|02 {{champion:3}} Galio **05**|01|06|04|02 {{champion:41}} Gangplank **06**|01|06|04|02 {{champion:86}} Garen 06|01|06|04|**03** {{champion:150}} Gnar (I think he counts as beastly enough) 06|**02**|06|04|03 {{champion:79}} Gragas (Despite how much my self-esteem wants him to be in the Attractive) **07**|02|06|04|03 {{champion:104}} Graves 07|02|06|04|**04** {{champion:120}} Hecarim (Maybe belongs in Unattractive Monstrous) 07|**03**|06|04|04 {{champion:74}} Heimerdinger (Similarly to Gragas, while I'd like to believe smart is sexy, it isn't) 07|03|06|**05**|04 {{champion:427}} Ivern **08**|03|06|05|04 {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV 08|03|06|**06**|04 {{champion:24}} Jax **09**|03|06|06|04 {{champion:126}} Jayce **10**|03|06|06|04 {{champion:202}} Jhin (Almost want to give him 2 for the voice) 10|**04**|06|06|04 {{champion:30}} Karthus **11**|04|06|06|04 {{champion:38}} Kassadin (Should he be in monstrous?) 11|04|06|06|04 {{champion:10}} Kayle (Pre-Rework) (j/k) **12**|04|06|06|04 {{champion:141}} Kayn (Almost in Un because of the edge, but Rhaast is bae) 12|04|06|**07**|04 {{champion:85}} Kennen 12|04|06|**08**|04 {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix 12|04|06|08|**05** {{champion:203}} Kindred (Wolf) 12|04|06|**09**|05 {{champion:240}} Kled 12|04|06|09|**06** {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw (Basically a void puppy) **13**|04|06|09|06 {{champion:64}} Lee Sin **14**|04|06|09|06 {{champion:236}} Lucian 14|04|06|**10**|06 {{champion:54}} Malphite **15**|04|06|10|06 {{champion:90}} Malzahar 15|04|06|10|**07** {{champion:57}} Maokai **16**|04|06|10|07 {{champion:11}} Master Yi 16|04|**07**|10|07 {{champion:82}} Mordekaiser (The Pentakill skins abs sold it) 16|04|**08**|10|07 {{champion:75}} Nasus (Not furry, but $20 is $20) (Cane me harder) (There's a reason it's called the pimp cane) 16|04|08|**11**|07 {{champion:111}} Nautilus 16|04|08|11|**08** {{champion:56}} Nocturne (Either Other or Unattractive Monstrous) 16|04|08|11|**09** {{champion:20}} Nunu (Underage) & Willump **17**|04|08|11|09 {{champion:2}} Olaf 17|04|**09**|11|09 {{champion:516}} Ornn (Beefy) **18**|04|09|11|09 {{champion:80}} Pantheon (MANtheon) **19**|04|09|11|09 {{champion:555}} Pyke 19|04|**10**|11|09 {{champion:497}} Rakan 19|04|10|11|**10** {{champion:33}} Rammus 19|04|**11**|11|10 {{champion:58}} Renekton (Not scalie, but lifeguard Renekton can give me mouth to mouth any day) 19|04|**12**|11|10 {{champion:107}} Rengar (:3) 19|04|12|**12**|10 {{champion:68}} Rumble (The mech doesn't count, it's a girl (named after Tristana)) **20**|04|12|12|10 {{champion:13}} Ryze (Rocking the sexy wizard look (At least, until he gets reworked again)) 20|**05**|12|12|10 {{champion:35}} Shaco (We live in a society) **21**|05|12|12|10 {{champion:98}} Shen (Due to Pulsefire Shen existing, I am putting him in Attractive) 21|**06**|12|12|10 {{champion:27}} Singed 21|06|**13**|12|10 {{champion:14}} Sion (Veritable tower of prime man-meat) 21|06|13|12|**11** {{champion:72}} Skarner **22**|06|13|12|11 {{champion:50}} Swain (A nice mix of Lucius Malfoy and Silver Fox) **23**|06|13|12|11 {{champion:517}} Sylas 23|06|13|**13**|11 {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench (I mean, his voice really unloads my toad, but...) **24**|06|13|13|11 {{champion:91}} Talon **25**|06|13|13|11 {{champion:44}} Taric (Outrageous) 25|06|13|**14**|11 {{champion:17}} Teemo (Making me want to end it all is very not-sexy) 25|06|13|**15**|11 {{champion:412}} Thresh (Chains and whips do not exicte me) 25|06|**14**|15|11 {{champion:48}} Trundle (...I mad) **26**|06|14|15|11 {{champion:23}} Tryndamere **27**|06|14|15|11 {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate 27|06|14|**16**|11 {{champion:29}} Twitch (I was having trouble with this one, so I made a bad decision. I decided I'd look up some other anthro rats and compare them to Twitch. The fact that that decision led to me drinking heavily in an attempt to forget gives him an automatic Un) **28**|06|14|16|11 {{champion:77}} Udyr 28|06|14|**17**|11 {{champion:6}} Urgot (Swole, but the portrayal leans towards Un) **29**|06|14|17|11 {{champion:110}} Varus (Not sure if he belongs in Mon) 29|06|14|**18**|11 {{champion:45}} Veigar 29|06|14|18|**12** {{champion:161}} Vel'Koz (I've seen enough to know where he belongs) 29|06|**15**|18|12 {{champion:112}} Viktor **30**|06|15|18|12 {{champion:8}} Vladimir (Vampire is not monstrous enough) 30|06|15|18|**13** {{champion:106}} Volibear (He's a bear) 30|06|15|**19**|13 {{champion:19}} Warwick (I think? To any furrys in the audience, feel free to correct me) 30|06|**16**|19|13 {{champion:62}} Wukong 30|06|16|19|**14** {{champion:101}} Xerath **31**|06|16|19|14 {{champion:5}} Xin Zhao **32**|06|16|19|14 {{champion:157}} Yasuo (Unfortunately, hate is not enough to move him to Un) **33**|06|16|19|14 {{champion:83}} Yorick (Pre-work would be Un) 33|06|16|19|**15** {{champion:154}} Zac (Maybe should be in MUn) **34**|06|16|19|15 {{champion:238}} Zed (The concept art of shirtless Galaxy Slayer Zed puts him firmly in Attractive) 34|06|16|**20**|15 {{champion:115}} Ziggs 34|**07**|16|20|15 {{champion:26}} Zilean (More 'RAW ARCANE MIGHT' than sex appeal) A lazy 'graph' summary **|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||** Attractive Humans **|||||||** Unattractive Humans **||||||||||||||||** Attractive Monstrous **|||||||||||||||||||||** Unattractive Monstrous **|||||||||||||||** Other Let me know if you disagree with any of my judgements. Also, let me know if this belongs somewhere else Female version - [Here]( Edit: WOW! I apparently suck at counting.
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