Hopes for future Aatrox Lore

https://66.media.tumblr.com/fd389e817d034d18b0a3b74436fd016b/tumblr_pqzjv2xR8V1r6hcp5o1_1280.png Hi everyone! Doom here with another Aatrox thread. Inspired by some awesome threads by [The Iceborn](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/HE0vWfRH-my-hopes-for-lissandras-future-lore) and [Falrein](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/M98WfZKX-hopes-and-expectations-for-syndra-lore) I decided to try my hand at making a thread that’s all about my hopes for the future of Aatrox’s lore. These are just some of my personal hopes/ideas not necessarily me predicting what should/will happen. As divisive a character as Aatrox is I’m sure you’re all bound to have many varying hopes that differ from mine - feel free to share those too, I just ask that you do so civilly and politely! With that said let’s get right into it shall we? *** {{champion:266}} _***~~FUTURE WISHES~~***_ {{champion:266}} **1** Aatrox’s past as an ascended warrior. We know from Aatrox’s bio that he was a noble and just warrior - someone who was looked up to by his fellow ascended - an all around good guy. I even have some quotes here from Odin/WAAARGHBobo on Aatrox’s past as an ascended warrior that I really like. https://66.media.tumblr.com/fe5a2fdc5e4d62212bd4bd365c54b90e/tumblr_pk0hg20IEY1u39r06o1_1280.jpg > Often people were afraid of the the ascended, but he was probably closer to Superman. Beloved. > He was the boldest. The quickest to jump to the aid, the most resolute in defending those in need. He was a good guy. I love these little tidbits, these little tastes of the man Aatrox once was. I think it would be even better to get a story or something of that nature with ascended Aatrox - to see him act nobly, to see him be a good guy - rather than just be told that’s how he was. I think it would give us an even greater sense of what was lost in him over time. I know some folks would also like confirmation on what his ascended form was, but personally I’d be fine with it being kept somewhat vague. **2** Aatrox’s former relationship with Pantheon. Y’know I had initially planned on making this thread prior to Pantheon’s rework being announced, but now that it has I feel confident that this is something that will be addressed in some form with that rework. At the very least I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some taunts from Pantheon to Aatrox. That said if they do go more in depth than that with a story or something of that nature. > Hail Pantheon! Let me hear you cry of friendship! Let me hear you scream of brotherhood! > Hail Pantheon! How noble and proud he carries himself! Come betrayer! Come fiend! Aatrox uses some pretty specific wording with terms like brotherhood, friendship, and betrayer when talking about Pantheon - It’s enough to make me think they were close once. I have to wonder if they fought alongside one another against the void. It doesn’t seem so far fetched to me that Targon might send an aspect to deal with the mess that Icathia left behind even if the ascended were already there dealing with it. I’d be interested in knowing just how close these two were and how nasty their falling out was. I love that kind of drama. **3** Aatrox cult? > Primitives worship me, hoping for mercy. I shall give them death. Now, while this quote could just be talking about scenarios like the one in Tryndamere’s bio where his people mistook Aatrox for their boar god and began to pray this got me wondering... Are there people who worship Aatrox? Are there Aatrox cults? If so I’d be very interested in that perspective. It would be a neat way to tell more stories about Aatrox without having them in his POV. **4** His relationship to the other darkin while he was ascended as well as during the darkin war. I’d love to know more about those he claims brotherhood with. Were he, Rhaast, and Varus friends? Did they fight with or against one another during the darkin war? Pretty straight forward - I love the darkin boys, I’d love to learn more about the intricacies of their relationships with one another. **5** Aatrox in the Freljord. We know Aatrox is currently in the Freljord, but I’d love to see little tidbits and signs of that in other Freljord-centric stories. Little hints at his activities there. It doesn’t have to be particularly in depth - I just like little easter eggs like that. **6** Annnd here’s my most controversial hope: redemption. Odin/WAAARGHbobo has expressed that he’d like an opportunity to give Aatrox a chance for redemption and that interests me greatly. > [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MhMAPWF4,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-02-05T06:48:04.007+0000) > And yeah, while Aatrox is definately a villian with a capital “v,” there’s glimmer of the hero he once was hidden in him; ultimately in his refusal to be beaten by his prison, which makes me hope that in the extended universe we can someday look at him more closely. And give him a chance for redemption. After all what would redemption be for Aatrox? Would it be one last heroic act before dying in a blaze of glory? Becoming the angry uncle-figure that hangs around the protagonists like an ex-dragon ball villain? We don’t know and that not knowing interests me. I know whenever I bring this up I get a chorus of “UGH not every villain has to be redeemed, Doom!” And you’re right! I’ve seen a lot of bad redemption arcs for characters who really should have just stayed evil - it can be done really really wrong and it can also become exhausting when many characters are redeemed, but... tragic villains like Aatrox are usually the perfect kind to get some kind of redemption. If anyone was redeemed I’d like it to be him. I’d be really curious to see how it would be pulled off more than anything - much as I love and feel sorry for Aatrox he’s still A Big Bad. He’s done terrible horrible things and is a terrible horrible person - the feat of making a believable redemption out of a character like that would likely knock my socks off - hence my interest. *** And that's my personal wishes for future Aatrox lore. I'm almost certain that there's probably things I forgot, but if I shook my brain until all my Aatrox ideas fell out this thread would be a mile long so consider it a small mercy that I only shared these six wishes.
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