Who of our Noxian cast was part of the Ionian Invasion approx. 20 years ago?

We all know {{champion:50}} was part of it, but that's not what I have in mind with this question. But {{champion:122}} involvement is not sure, and any contact from the Assassin siblings, {{champion:7}} , or {{champion:8}} and his little bloodlings is not confirmed either. But none of these are why I actually started this thread. So 20 years ago Noxus came to Ionia, and now there's an adult half-vastayan running around with an absolute knack of arena-fighting and an ego large enough to shadow the sun. And instead of just fighting he builds up an entire business out of that arena while maintaining a specific showman-persona and revelling in material pleasures? Seriously, who let {{champion:119}} leave the capital out of all people?! And why was Darius not there to warn Sett's mother about what a massive dumbass she was about to let into her life? That's, like, his prime responsibility as an older brother!
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