Warwick and Jinx

With stories like Lucian & Senna, Pantheon and in the future Voli and Fiddle Stix getting a rework I thought it'd be nice to have some of the older champion stories fleshed out as well. With Pantheon when his story was updated his entire kit an look got a redesign. This got me hoping why not and what about Jinx and Warwick?! These two are thought to be Father and daughter right? Its been insinuated for a long time now and just been left to speculation. What I really want is for Warwick's story to go in the direction of him and Jinx reuniting *if they are Father and daughter, if nothing else. Some good VO lines and lore updates to their relationship would be very much appreciated. Maybe the creative minds at Riot can think up some great new mechanics to boost his declining importance to the game. I'd like [his human form ](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/d/df/Warwick_Human_Render.png/revision/latest?cb=20180424030230)to be incorporated somehow. Maybe turn him into one of the 6 Shape-shifters and boot Jayce out. I'd much prefer him being a roaming top lane than a jungler but that's just cause I like playing him top. I personally think Warwick's kit isn't aging well for the current and future meta and I can't say I like his Ult much at all, its so easily countered these days. He's a tier 3 jungler at best and tier 2 if you know how to play him optimally. His design going forward will only push him lower and lower. I can't speak on Jinx since I don't play ADC so I don't know what kind of spot she's in but I don't see people complaining about her much. With the coming of Arcane (TV series) I expect that Warwick won't be interacting much with Jinx if at all. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt we get any emotional moments or her trying to tame Warwick and trying to blow Singed to kingdom come.
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