Is Butcher's Bridge the heir to a wealthy family?

Is it the last of its kind? Is it famous? Is it the child of a crime boss? I ask these questions because for the life of me, I can't understand... #Why does Riot keeps holding this map hostage? Ask almost any player and universally, Butcher's Bridge is often preferred to the Howling Abyss. It has more flavor, more style and more fun doohickies for players to enjoy. Yet Riot keeps hiding it away, hidden in the backest of back ends at Riot HQ. Hell, even the one we're currently getting is a temporary treat because RIot just can't figure out what they want to do with it: It's not flashy enough for a yearly event yet it's not as forgettable as some other map projects (Hi Nexus Siege) to throw away. Riot, can you give me an earnest explanation why we can't have this map? If you really want to keep Howling Abyss and the lore attached to it, turn HA into a solo 1v1 queue for some players who really want to flex their muscles. It's not like that mode would have a shortage of players either, as a 1v1 queue would be fairly quick to match without the 9 other player requirement. Give me some way to experience this map more because I vastly prefer the swashbuckling sea shanties I've played on for about two months to the almost 6 years of nordic, frigid songs of ice. And this is in SAS because it's about the map and why we cannot have it in a meaningful capacity as a flavor choice.
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