Pantheon is the next VGU, Roadmap would be live within minutes

Source: From Spideraxe30's twitter Pantheon's image teaser Also, Malicious Metal posted mordekaiser's image teaser EDIT: AD Assassin Teaser and the New Support Teaser images Non-Traditional Marksman Teaser EDIT 2 for my thoughts lol: I'm so hype with that jungle image because, hmmmm, kumungu jungles/the jungles duh! and its one of my favorite factions. I hope riot would make it a faction on its own soon. Cant wait. Plus, it looks like riot would touch the illegal loggers territory story with this one (based on the image, its a piltover/hextech car based on the design that destroys this vastaya's village in the jungles) Lastly, thanks god its pantheon's turn to shine. Goodbye Pizza feet (except udyr). I hope Volibear is next :D But my instincts tell me its gonna be nocturne/udyr.
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