13 champs over 1000 days w/o a new skin

Edit: For those who've already seen it, I missed a skin for Varus and he is no longer on the 100 day list. Been a long while since I've done one of these. Right let's just get to it: 1. {{champion:77}} - 1405 2. {{champion:72}} {{champion:101}} - 1379 3. {{champion:26}} - 1365 4. {{champion:35}} {{champion:82}} - 1355 5. {{champion:421}} - 1320 6. {{champion:20}} - 1212 7. {{champion:38}} - 1208 8. {{champion:57}} {{champion:161}} - 1039 9. {{champion:14}} - 1026 10. {{champion:56}} - 1005 Champs within 100 day limit: {{champion:102}} {{champion:203}} - 984 {{champion:106}} - 977 {{champion:44}} - 935 {{champion:13}} {{champion:429}} - 900 --- As always, this is mainly for data and view of time. Champs that are heavily outdated probably won't get skins soon, but some may be an acceptation, such as Fiddlesticks. Champs that are currently being reworked right now, such as Mord, won't get a skin during this time but may be eligible for one afterwards. And as always: A VGU/champ rework does not mean a champ has received new skins! A champ under a rework may go over heavy redesign, but in no way does it actually add any new skins. Urgot's crab skin was changed from a B-movie horror monster theme to Kaiju-monster themed. It did not change the amount of skins he had and overall still kept the theme that he was now a crab monster. The only argument one could make now, however, is Akali with her crimson skin being turned into Inferno/Infernal, which is fair, but my counterargument is that this still didn't change the amount of skins she had previously. If anything, this was just the heaviest skin redesign yet as Crimson before could just be described as a red chroma before. --- So, that's the list so far now. Sad that the list has grown again. Anyways, what champ are you surprised that made or is getting to the list? What kind of skin would you like to see for one of these champs?
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