That wasn't purple smoke

This is after I heard a theory from someone and realized it's probably most likely true. So in the Awakened video we see Jhin's traps going off and the mercenaries caught in them explode into purple and blue smoke. The thing is his traps aren't magical like that since we know that when they go off instead what happens is a lot of shrapnel is launched. We also know that Jhin is batshit insane and sees his killing as art like in his teaser and if you look closely at the start the dead people in the seats have Jhin's burning flower coming out of them. So considering all these facts it's most likely not purple and blue smoke we see but rather viscera and blood spraying around the place from Camille's/True point of view plus those mercenaries exploded into the same smoke when Jhin shot them.{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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