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I don't think Lux should carry with all the hate for freeing Sylas. I mean, yeah, she did it and she must be consequent. But be in her place for only one moment. Imagine living your life with a secret that could cost your life and your family just act like you're not there; seeing how every sibling is leaving the house because of you, being aware how every day your power becomes stronger and shinier. For the first time in her life, she really has a demacian who she could talk to, specially about her little secret. I don't remember if in her lore rework she got people aside her, but Sylas' relationship was way different. Surely she has to be punished for doing such a crime, but don't hate her for having faith on the unreachable. It's not even confirmed if after everything they went through, Sylas would call her an ally, knowing that she's a mage after all.
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