My one selfish hope for Tales of Runeterra

Universe in 2020 | Dev Video - League of Legends
Join Ghostcrawler as he previews upcoming ways to explore Runeterra.
As we've all seen in yesterday's "Universe in 2020" dev video, we are getting animated shorts which will be focused on showing and telling stories about champions and regions. With that being said, we don't know how these are going to be divided. Will there be only one for each region, will it be random, etc, etc... I personally hope to see one with Kayle and Morgana fighting. Why? For one, they are two of my favourite champions. But also because I would very much like a break from the Sylas/Lux/Garen trio. Kayle and Morgana would, in my humble opinion, offer an amazing visual experience, light and dark falling on the city from the sky. They would also provide an interesting story, as I would personally like to learn more details about what happened before and during their fight. I personally doubt it'll happen, because it's something that happened far in the past, and that I do think Riot would prefer to show something of the current era more focused on their already established storylines. And also because they aren't popular enough, but that's another matter! We'll see how these animated shorts go! I hope we'll get some good surprises and not only popular champs. Shen is actually a good surprise! What about you? Who would you like to see in Tales of Runeterra?
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