So the 975 RP skins Sinful Succulence Morgana and Transcended Kayle still lack VFX.

Riot, your guidelines state that 975 RP skins should be more than a model swap in terms of quality. Yet that's all these two skins are. You either need to dump the price to 750 since that is where they sit in terms of quality, or give them the unique VFX they deserve for their price range. They were updated with all of their other skins, including other 975 skins like Bewitching Morgana and Ghost Bride, so there's really absolutely no excuse as to why these skins shouldn't have been completed. They _also_ should have recalls, like Ghost Bride and Bewitching, as should Battleborn Kayle and Exiled Morgana, but I'm willing to take it one step at a time and get the VFX first.
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