Bard Origins: A Journey Through Africa?

In time for the festivities, I thought it would be fun to submit my hypotheses on the origins of Bard. Here it is: Bard, as we all know, is a very strange and mysterious being. Little is known about Bard as his lore describes so little, but through my "accidental" research on the tribes of Africa for an art project, I think I found what Bard was based off of: The Cikunza Tribe in South Africa. Though my resources have been scarce, I have not enough knowledge to provide a detailed analysis (my hypotheses could be considered as even bias by ignorance) so please bear with m knowledge and my assumptions. The Cikunza Tribe is/was an acient tribe located in South Africa. The Cikunza Tribe were a bizarre tribe and well known for their art. The definition of a bard is: Bard: "a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition". The Tribe wore long and pointed hats with beards, much like Bard. The people of the Cikunza Tribe produced many forms of art, through dance and artistic objects alike. Due to the disappearence of my documents, I can no longer provide you [the reader] with anymore information. Look at the pictures I put in the discussion and please reply if you agree with my hypotheses. P.S. Bard. Strongest. There is. {{champion:432}}
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