Adding Skin Portraits to all skins

**Hail, summoners! ** Let's talk about **in-game splashes**! Splashes, ~~those awesome images I could never hope to draw,~~ appear in several different places once you’re in the game itself. Many splash elements, such as the minimap, kill callouts, and scoreboard- **need **to remain as the base splash for gameplay clarity, quicker reads, and so on. _However_, the big circle next to your abilities doesn’t serve any significant gameplay purpose. Sooooo- it’s time for another wide-sweeping change! Voila! You’ll notice that Arcade Ahri now has her respective skin splash as her portrait, as opposed to Base Ahri, as it is on Live. **On PBE tomorrow(ish), every single skin will now show its respective splash in this slot (and only this slot). ** And that’s it- short and sweet. Hit me with any questions and/or feedback you have! You're all great, and I hope you have a nice day. ----- **FAQ**! **Shouldn't this have been in five years ago or so?** >Yeah, probably! :D **Isn't this a feature on ultimate skins? ** >Yeah. We’re sensitive to removing that as a unique feature on ultimate skins, but ~800 skins stand to benefit from this. **Does this impact the minimap, or other gameplay spaces?** >Nope! **What if I think the current minimap icons suck though? ** >Well, you’re kinda right. They aren’t made for that particular space, instead they’re teeny crops of huge assets, that are further downscaled. While skins will never have a place on the minimap (see the above reasons), there are changes we’re looking at to improve the standard iconography.
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