I applaud riot for completing the "neglected skin champions" circle

Specially that urgot's skin will be out soon and heimer, the last person in the circle left has been confirmed to have a skin soon with amumu, kled and possibly sona because of the wad files(and maybe ahri as a maybe, maybe not). The circle will now vanish. But I hope riot wouldn't stop/prolong the skins of other champs again in the future and I hope these circles wouldn't happen anymore in the future. I hope that they will now focus on creating new skins to new champions that only has 1-3 skins. Not only new champs, but old champs that has less than 4 skins too. New champs that only has 1 skin(2016-present): {{champion:240}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:555}} New champs that has less than 3 skins(2016-present): {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:142}} Old champs that has less than equal to 3 skins(2009-2015): {{champion:223}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:83}} Champs that deserves another skin: {{champion:6}} {{champion:20}} (not biased lol) Confirmed Champs to have a skin: {{champion:74}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:103}} (maybe,maybe not scenario) Unannounced Champs that would receive a skin: {{champion:37}} because of the WAD files update PS: I hope that new champs should receive the Jhin treatment until their 4 skin arrives. If they're not popular, at least they would have a skin selection to choose from.
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